4 Ways to Update Your SEO Strategy for 2021

If you’re looking to grow your reach and build your brand identity, then you can’t afford to not pay attention to search engine optimization. There are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer, but without a solid SEO strategy, they won’t be able to find you. The higher you rank in relevant searches on keywords in your niche, the better.

It’s also important to understand that simply paying attention to SEO isn’t enough to guarantee reliable, lasting results that keep your website growing over time. You need to stay on top of current trends and update your approach often. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for 2021.

How to Improve Your SEO Strategy

1. Improve your content quality

How diligent are you when it comes to keeping your website up to date? Is producing new content reasonably high on your priority list, or are you having trouble even remembering the last time you added anything fresh?

If you rarely to never update your site, then you’re almost certainly suffering in the SEO department.

It’s not enough to attract a visitor once. You need to give them plenty of reasons to come back again and again.

That means filling your site with high-quality content and plenty of it. Mix valuable evergreen content with timely, fresh, relevant content on trending topics related to your niche.

The more valuable your content, the higher your average dwell time will be, and the stronger your SEO ranking will become.

2. Add a blog to the mix

One simple but effective way to keep a steady stream of good quality content flowing through your site, especially in 2021, is to start blogging. A blog can be a significant asset to a booming business for many reasons, including the following.

  • Blogs are terrific for lead generation, building brand recognition, and laying the foundation for future customer relationships.
  • By their very nature, blogs are regularly updated with relevant, fresh content, which is great for both SEO and driving traffic.
  • The better you are about keeping your blog up to date, the more reasons your visitors will have to stick around and see what else your site has to offer.

Consistency is vital for maintaining a blog, as your readers need to know what they can expect from you and when.

Set a posting schedule, and stick to it. Pay attention to what type of content resonates best with your readers, and use what you learn to plan future posts.

If time constraints are a problem, consider hiring a freelancer to help you with content production, topic research, and posting frequency.

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3. Work on the readability of your site

It’s not just the quality of the content that’s important when it comes to your website and SEO strategy. It’s how it’s presented, so be sure to go over your site and assess it for readability.

Start with word choice. Keep the tone simple, friendly, and conversational. Don’t talk over your reader’s head. Instead, use language and terminology the average reader is likely to be familiar with.

Formatting is essential, as well. Use headings and subheadings to break your content up into chewable sections. Add bulleted or numbered lists where it makes sense to do so.

Add relevant images, graphics, charts, or videos to your content to keep your reader engaged and add even more value to their experience on your site. Make sure your site is optimized to read well on a variety of different screen sizes, as well.

4. Research keywords thoroughly and often

No SEO strategy is complete without a solid focus on timely, effective keywords, especially with search engines getting smarter by the day.

Just keep in mind that while some keywords may have more staying power for your industry, others come and go with the trends.

Use a trusted SEO keyword tool to pinpoint good high-volume keywords and phrases that gel well with your primary keywords of choice.

Seed both your evergreen content and ongoing blog content with keywords in natural ways that add value to your site. Repeat this process often as part of your ongoing content management strategy to ensure your site is always in step with current conversations in your industry. You’ll be glad you did.

Four ways to update your search engine optimization strategy in 2021
Four Ways to Update Your SEO Strategy in 2021