Get Your Paid Offer Out There ASAP. Here’s Why

If there’s one action to take that can change everything in your business right now, it’s to release a paid offer ASAP. And today I wanna talk about why that is. 

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Show Notes:

  • The 2 types of business owners you can see in December
  • How to not get stuck in the ‘always preparing to launch’ phase
  • Why a $0 launch can be a good thing
  • How to shift your energy when selling your offers
  • Why releasing an offer is not as scary as you think


It’s almost mid December and there are usually 2 types of people in business. Those who take time off or are about to leave all business activities behind for a bit and focus on family, the winter holidays, and just relax. And the rest of us – like me – who are more pumped than ever, invest in new business trainings, change a lot about their current strategy, are in the middle of a launch, and plan out their whole 2023 with a fresh perspective.

I believe momentum like that must be used well. After a period of a lot of creative energy, motivation and desire to learn and grow, comes the opposite. So then I can switch off and do something else instead until the excitement is back again. 

I’ve learned to honor my energy cycles and structure things around them. I’m curious how that’s going for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

This is part of the reason why I’m covering this exact topic in an episode today. I’m here to encourage you to release a paid offer right now. Like, today or this week.

Some think that’s crazy to even think about in December because people already did most of their shopping for Black Friday, aren’t behind the screen that much and are still buying gifts for family, and it might not feel right to sell. But also because a new offer takes ages to plan, the launch is exhausting, and so on.

Well, I’m here to prove all that wrong.

Sure, you can believe all those things. And yet there are examples of business owners who have their biggest month in business at this time of the year, who feel like releasing a new program and do it right away, who pre-launch it and can even create the content for it in a month but get paid now, and so on.

If they can do it, so can we.

So, journal on why you might be avoiding selling anything in December, and you might just find out the limiting beliefs that stop you from making sales any other month of the year too. Think about those, find the underlying cause, and do something about it.

If there’s one action to take that can change everything in your business right now, it’s to release a paid offer ASAP. And today I wanna talk about why that is. 

Let’s dive in.

1. You don’t need to create any content yet.

You can monetize almost anything before you make it. 

In the case of digital products, open the doors for early birds at a reduced price or have a beta launch. Let people know when to expect the content.

Use that as an incentive to actually get it done in that time frame and serve them in the best way you can.

2. To make sales, you need to have an offer.

Building your audience, growing your email list, outlining your product suite, learning from your mentors, improving your branding, content creation, etc. – all this is great, but no sales can come in unless there’s an offer and a way for people to pay for it.

So get it out there, even if there won’t be any sales any time soon. 

3. You need to actually get in the game.

To be in business is to make sales. To make sales, you need something to sell and to actually do something to promote it.

You also put your energy behind this. Once your offer is out and people can actually buy it during your launch or at any moment if it’s evergreen, you’re in the game. 

You’re serious about this, you will show up for whoever invests, and you keep selling this. But all that won’t happen if you’re constantly preparing to launch but never actually launching.

Many people stay stuck in that stage, they overthink, they watch others who are doing this well online and compare themselves to them which only brings them down. They let perfectionism prevent them from actually taking any action. And they feel like a failure before they’ve even had the chance to fail.

Listen, the only way to fail is to give up on the whole business thing. Until then, it’s a matter of time. Let go of the time restrictions in your mind.

Let go of how long it will take you to scale and grow your income, of how many launches you’ll need to go through till you get it right, of how long it took others in business. And of any other imaginary deadline.

These thoughts and beliefs are actually restricting you. No one can tell you how long it can take. And it’s possible that it can happen this week. Even if it’s your first launch. Even if you have a small audience.

Approach things with an open mind, be willing to learn. No matter how many sales you make during a new promotion, you are always getting closer to that first profitable launch. 

4. You need results so you can improve.

And guess what? No results is also a result.

Earned &0 during your launch? Great. Now write down every other detail around the campaign such as how many people signed up for the waitlist/freebie/masterclass or anything else leading up to the offer. If you didn’t have any of that, that’s okay. You can experiment with one of those strategies next time.

Track your email open and click through rates, at what time of the day you sent the emails and what subject lines you used.

See how many visits the sales page got.

Keep track of who reached out to ask a question about the program or engaged with the launch content in any other way. How much engagement your social media posts about the offer got.

Gather all the numbers, all the details, anything you can notice related to the launch. 

Then, make conclusions and decide on the 1-2 things you can tweak. Don’t make it more than that, though, as you simply won’t know which of them lead to a different outcome in the next launch.

5. Shift your energy.

When preparing the offer and releasing it and during your launch, you will have certain thoughts and feelings.

Chances are, you won’t know what these are until the moment it happens. That’s also valuable data you can work with, but it’s about energy this time, not strategy.

Many of the challenges we face with sales are related to how we feel when showing up online, when someone buys, if no one buys, etc. 

The goal is to not be desperate or needy, to not feel lack, to not post something because of trying to convince one more person to buy.

Instead, stay in the high vibe energy, be open to receiving. Do what feels right, follow intuitive nudges, and still stick to your daily launch plan but be open to anything else too.

People buy from confident business owners who believe in their offers and the transformation they lead to. So embody that and stay in your power regardless of whether 1 or 100 people buy.

All these things are keys to improving your ability to sell and your mindset around sales, as well as seeing if your offer is actually good and deciding what to change about it. But to get all that feedback, you need to actually release a paid offer and see not just what happens but how you feel about what happens.

If you haven’t done it yet, this is your sign. The worst that can happen is that no one buys. So you will be in the situation you are now – with no new sales. That’s not scary because you’re already experiencing it.

What we’re afraid of is the uncomfortable feelings around this whole thing. But the only way is through. Face them, and that’s how they won’t have power over you anymore.

If you wanna be in business, you will have to experience all these things I mentioned anyways. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll move to the next step.

So, I hope I challenged your way of thinking a bit with those reasons and you’re willing to experiment with your offers, when and how you release them.

Let’s not forget that practice makes perfect.

The only way to get better at selling your offers is to release and sell them as many times as possible. And the first step is to have a live offer, something people can actually pay for. Then, to invite them to invest in it and share how it can change their life.

Repeat for many offers, or for the same one by launching it over and over again. Repeat until you get it right.

I also like to learn from different sources. My mentors are quite different from one another and they do business differently. But from each, I’m learning so much. And now I got to a point where I have fun with creating new offers and the way I combine them in bundles, add more bonuses, launch with a free or paid masterclass, have spontaneous launches, or ones behind the scenes only to a small group of people that have shown interest in the topic. 

I experiment with evergreen offers and with one that I close the doors to and launch again. Each experience is so different, both for me and for my audience.

It gets easier over time. Especially once you have all the content out there and only need to do the promo. And once you find the launch process that works well, you can keep using it so there’s minimum extra work in the future.

I do like to try new things with every launch though and now I create my versions of ways to release a new or existing offer.

I use both strategy and my intuition. There’s structure but I’m willing to switch things if something feels right or remove something that feels off.

It’s like a game and you are constantly gaining more experience and knowledge and can do better. Progress makes me feel alive, so that’s why I’m not gonna give up on launching my offers, like ever.

I hope this episode empowered you, I shared at least one new idea with you, and it will lead to a shift in your mindset or one new action you’ll take in your business this week.