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Hey and welcome to the new episode of the show. Today I want to talk about launching and share some tips on how to make your next launch better and easier.

We tend to overcomplicate it all and it turns into this daunting experience but it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, I want your launches to be the most exciting events in your business and for you to look forward to every next one. That excitement is magnetic and will attract more people to your audience and will turn more of them into happy course students, or clients if you’re offering services or any other product.

Tune into the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • A quick trick for creating social media copy
  • Having a launch theme
  • Why have a daily launch plan
  • A simple way to improve every next launch
  • How to make your audience part of your launch


I’m currently preparing for the second official launch of Bold Business School, and there I teach you how to create an amazing course and offer, because these are 2 different things and they both need to be nailed, and then sell it over and over again. 

One of the main topics we tackle is launching your offer before you even create it. And I give you all the templates you need to save you the time and confusion, take you behind the scenes of my launches, share done-for-you email sequences, launch calendars, social media copy, different types of sales emails, and so much more. It’s all there for you to use whenever you need.

Doors open next week and they close 4 days later. If you want to be the first one to know and get a special discount make sure you’re on the waitlist.

Now, let’s see how to crush your next launch. Even if it’s the first time you’re releasing a program, these tips are still super valuable.

1. Your social media copy and emails can be the same.

The first thing I wanna share will take a lot of the pressure and preparation away. It’s that your social media copy can be the same as your emails.

You can update it a bit and make sure it fits the platform you’ll post it on, make it shorter, turn some parts into quotes that will create engagement and so much more. But you don’t need completely new ideas or to create copy from scratch.

Once you write your emails, each day you send one, you can post almost the same content on your main social channel.

If you do wanna show up there daily, though, you’ll need to come up with more topics to discuss or ways to present the offer in a way that your audience won’t get bored of hearing about.

2. Choose a theme for each launch.

Here’s something you can do if you release the same program throughout the whole year. You don’t want to use the same copy every time, or promote the offer in the same exact way like last time. To bring new energy to the promo and be excited about it, you can have a new theme every time.

You’ll still share what’s inside, how it benefits people, your story, the payment plans and other details, but the main topic can be something specific, such as one of the many things you teach inside the program.

It could be the topic from 1 module and you can dive deeper into it, while also reminding people that’s just a small part of everything they get once they are inside the program.

Let me use Bold Business School as an example as it’s my only course that isn’t open all the time and which I only release every 3-4 months. Now, the theme will be launching, which is why I’m inspired to create this episode today. 

I’ll talk about that in the emails people will get from me during the promo, on Instagram, and anywhere else. That makes it simple, especially for a program like that which teaches you everything about building a digital product business. 

But that’s too general. Instead, this time I can tackle launching. Another time, during the promo, I can focus on the fact that students will master email marketing and the many resources included inside BBS on that topic. And so on.

It also keeps me excited as I create new copy every time and the process is simple as I’m focused on 1 topic. 

So what can you focus on the next time you launch a product? What specific theme can you pick that will show people how much value they can get?

3. Have a daily launch plan.

Tip #3 is to have a daily launch plan and follow it. That’s different than your launch calendar and any other prep you do. 

It’s simply a list of tasks to do every day during promo week but it’s what can save you many mistakes and a lot of stress. Once you finalize that list, you simply need to follow it daily.

If you feel overwhelmed, or don’t want to show up online one of the days, or life happens and your mind is elsewhere, all you need to do during that day is to complete the tasks from the daily launch plan.

And almost all of them will be quick, such as to send an email (although that can be scheduled ahead of time, of course), or to post on socials, or to update a link, or to create a new payment plan. 

These are all easy but you do need to have them all in one place and not skip a day.

That list can also include things such as double checking links, responding to messages or emails about the course, adding a special bonus that expires in 24 hours, deleting a coupon cope if it won’t be available anymore, going live to answer questions, create a bit.ly link, or anything else.

You get the point. This list becomes your best friend during the days of the launch.

4. Do one thing differently than the previous launch.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to have everything figured out or have your best launch ever. You’ll get there, but there are lessons to learn first.

One way to always see progress, though, and make sure you’re on the right path is to do one thing differently than the previous launch.

If you haven’t already, analyze how the last one went and what you could have done better. Then use that information to decide what you’ll do differently this time. And measure it so you can have numbers to back it up.

Maybe you can send more emails this time. Add a new bonus. Engage with people more on socials. Release a podcast episode that week that provides value. Go live multiple times so people can connect with you and ask all their questions. 

Or you can make changes to the sales page and see how the conversion rate changes.

You can also send one or two more reminders on the last day of the launch. You can have countdown timers on the sales page, in emails, on your website, and so on.

There are so many things you can test every time. But it’s important to not make multiple changes every time because this makes it hard to say what helped you grow once you see more sales come in. 

One change at a time lets you see how something performs. If too many factors change, it’s almost impossible to tell for sure what caused the change in revenue.

The goal here is to only do that works best.

5. Prioritize feeling good.

Next, what if you prioritized feeling good during your next launch?

What if you fill your calendar with not just promo tasks then but also activities that you truly enjoy? As long as it’s not too much to the point where you end up being stressed and can’t keep up with business, you can do anything – even a trip.

This is because when you’re staying high-vibe, you show up with different energy online. You’re magnetic. You’re more excited about the launch. People listen to you more and check out the product. 

You engage with them. You’re inspired to come up with new ideas on what to post on socials or even to create a surprising bonus that leads to more sales.

And you start associating launching with positive things so you look forward to the next one. That definitely puts you in a better position than obsessing over who buys and how many days you have left.

6. Write your copy when you’re inspired.

My next tip is related to your sales copy again, meaning the emails, content for socials, and the sales page itself.

And it’s about energy again because when you feel good, you produce better content.

Don’t push yourself to sit down and do it today only because that’s what your to-do list says. Instead, grab the moment when it comes. The moment when you are super creative, energetic, when ideas are flowing and when everything feels easy and flowy.

That’s when you can write from your heart, create high-value posts, describe your offer in the best way possible, share your story in a way that resonates with your ideal client.

And that’s when your promo material will have the biggest effect on anyone who sees it.

7. Get people involved.

Here’s my next piece of advice. Get people involved as much as possible. 

That means asking questions, using polls and question stickers on Instagram, sharing valuable posts and asking for their feedback, asking them what aspect of the program they want to learn more about and then talking about it, and letting them become part of the launch in any way you can think of.

There can be a challenge or a contest. Also use as many testimonials as possible and even share case studies. Make it about the people, not about you.

This turns the launch itself into a social experience, into something you do together with your audience, into a more exciting project than just a regular promo campaign.

You get to work with what people give you. When they ask questions, share your answers publicly because others might be wondering the same thing. If you see more interest in one topic you discussed, spend more time talking about that.

If something leads to engagement, change your daily launch plan so you can include more of that activity.

And last but not least, any time a student joins the program, celebrate them. Share screenshots of any message they left you about the course and how excited they are. Or have sticky notes with their names at home and share that on socials. 

It makes it fun and others see people are joining. This makes your program feel more alive and those who haven’t joined yet feel like they are missing out on a lot.

 Final words

I’m curious if you’re about to try some of these tips or if there’s something else that has worked for you.

Let me know by sharing this episode on Instagram and tagging me @letsreachsuccess

You can also ask any other questions you have about launching your course or any other offer.

Bold Business School opens its doors in just a few days so if you’re been looking for a roadmap on creating, launching and selling your course, now is your chance to act. Join the waitlist here and you’ll hear from me soon.

Thanks for tuning in today, have a beautiful rest of the week.