fearless content case study - kanika

This is an interview with Kanika, one of the students of my course Fearless Content.

Hey, Kanika. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m Kanika Batra, and I’m a little bit of many things – mentor, coach, writer, filmmaker (Project Papa streaming worldwide on Netflix), speaker, blogger.

Much like you, I love writing and personal development. 

My blog will be a pivot from the “corporate training” business I’ve been running for 8 years now. I feel aligned to it in terms of the phase of life I’m in, my interests and abilities. 

I love to add value to people’s lives and it’s definitely something I want to build as a business. 

I’ve been thinking of moving my business online/building something online since early 2019 now. But the search for the elusive ‘niche’ always stopped me from taking action. My baby was born in July 2020, mid peak pandemic. 

This gave me the push to “just start”. When I discovered the potential of blogging last year, I wished I had started 10 years ago.

So I’ve taken that leap of faith and along with my specific corporate training and coaching requirements over the next few months, I have decided to focus on both my new babies – Keonna (my baby girl) and the Blog.

Since September, I’ve been learning and executing and making mistakes and starting from scratch again, and it’s all been very fun! 

Why did you choose to enroll in Fearless Content?

There was a lot of confusion around the content I wanted to create for my blog Stepping into Better. Having read Lidiya’s interviews on different blog sites, as well as a host of articles that she had written on Let’s Reach Success, I felt a strong connection with her principles and way of doing business.

I loved how clear, specific and valuable her content was – every article and Instagram post left you with something you could not only think about, but also work on. Her branding is also so clean and simple.

I was looking for a course that could help me with some direction and actual action steps to align my content and my branding, and felt that Fearless Content would be the right fit because I know that Lidiya would provide value above and beyond.

 What struggles and questions did you have as a content creator before starting the course?

Ahhh so many! At one point, I was ambitious (and naive) to think I could start 3 blogs at the same time 🙂 I wanted to write about so many different topics, and the direction was all over the place.

There was a lot of overwhelm and it felt like there was always too many things to do, and not enough progress with anything. I wasn’t sure if I should tackle all social media channels at once, or how to really go about it. Also, I wasn’t sure if I should start my Podcast along with the Blog, or work on the Blog first and then the podcast later.

There were too many options and possibilities and while everything seemed so exciting, it was very confusing and overwhelming thinking of so many things at once. I also wasn’t sure of ‘who’ my content was for, and how much I needed to write, publish, and market to get some traction. I was trying to figure out the entire route map all at once, and that was quite frustrating.

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What limiting beliefs did you uncover throughout the course?

I realised that I was chasing perfectionism, as I tend to always do. That I was trying to figure out the whole puzzle, when I just needed to start piece by piece. I also believed that no one would take me seriously, and a lot of people think a “blog” is just for fun.

I was also overthinking everything too much. What if no one ever reads it? Is the work I’m doing pointless? Who would really care about what I would have to say? Does it make sense to start a blog in my 30s? Maybe this is something I should’ve started 10 years ago?

The big picture seems so far away and so unattainable etc! I also felt like I had spent so many months figuring out the technical part of things, that when it was sorted and I finally liked the way the site looked, I didn’t know where to go and what to do next.

What actions did you take as a result of Module 2 of Fearless Content?

I reworked my entire homepage and about section. I also reworked the Blog categories.

Module 2 helped me define ‘who’ I was helping, with ‘what’ and ‘why’. The client Avatars helped me see that my dream client was different shades of who I’ve been before, who I am today, and who I aspire to be.

I also started working on my book and have gained so much momentum! I think the book was inside of me, and the course helped me unlock the clarity to let it flow.

 What transformation did you experience thanks to the course?

I felt more aligned, and more sorted in terms of clarity. I could actually begin creating with ease because a lot of my questions were answered.

How did the journal prompts help you?

Writing things down, brings things to life 🙂 Even just the prompts, without the writing, helped me actually pause, think about the answer, and see what came naturally and most intuitively.

This helped me with a deeper understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing, as well as with how to find alignment between the coaching / course creation aspect as well as the blogging aspect of the business, so that they both compliment each other.

Sometimes, I would voice record my answers to the questions, and the playback would help me see where I was absolutely clear, and where I needed to dig a bit deeper.

If you were to recommend Fearless Content to a friend, what would you tell them?

I would recommend this to anyone creating content – whether it’s writing a book, creating a podcast, starting a blog, or defining their coaching or other services.

Fearless Content is a light, simple, and easy to follow course that can have a deep impact. It will help you sort through the cobwebs in your mind, and find clarity with what you have to offer the world.

It will also help you meaningfully align what you create, with who you are, your values, what you stand for, and who you’d like to serve. It’s a great course to do before you start or get deeper with creating content, and can help with course correction or more clarity.

Anything else you want to add?

I thought the division of topics was very well laid out. Easy to understand and implement. I liked how the videos worked well to listen to, and the transcripts worked well to absorb what you heard.

Thank you for all the genuine value and in depth information and insight you provide through your courses, Lidiya!