Using Your Content to Transform Lives

Learn what the content that transform lives looks like, how it does the job, how to know if you’re meant to create it, and my journey so far:



If it wasn’t for the books, blogs, podcasts and courses that I’ve used as sources of inspiration and for life advice, I don’t know where I would be today. They’ve helped me shape my mindset, let go of so much, see what’s possible, aim higher, acquire skills, understand complex concepts, get to know myself better, tap into my zone of genius and also help others through my work.

None of that would be possible if the creators of that information listened to the naysayers, didn’t follow their destiny, didn’t listen to their intuitive nudges, followed the crowd, didn’t dare to express their feelings or share their work with the world.

But a lot more content wasn’t created for those exact reasons, and I hope you don’t spend another year doing that.

If there’s a topic that’s dear to your heart, if there’s a message you wanna share, if you’re a creative, if there are things you wanna speak up about, it’s one of your missions in life to do just that.

There are challenges on the way, sure. You’ll have to deal with your inner critic, with the opinions of others who project their fears and insecurities and unrealized dreams. Then with the judgment that might come from some people on the Internet, the discomfort of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable, being in the spotlight, knowing you can fail or be rejected. Not getting paid for your work for a long time and doubting your abilities.

That’s heavy. But nothing’s heavier than keeping inside all that’s meant to get out of you and be shared with others.

The way I did this was writing. 

First, I did it the old school way. Then I began thinking of starting a website and publishing my posts there. I finally did it back in 2013 and it became one of the best forms of therapy, my first very own project in this life, a safe space to be who I really am, and the opportunity to attract like-minded people, something I desperately needed at the time.

I had to overcome the barriers to starting a website. To not talk about it to anyone so I can actually get it done. To see where it takes me and feel good about it.

Later, I had my audience of readers. That was before the website was even self-hosted and monetized in any way.

People were reading my content and leaving meaningful comments. With some I connected via email and discussed the topics further.

My work then was solely around personal development. Something that to this day is what keeps me alive and lets me wake up with excitement even when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction.

I followed passion for this project, and it took me further than I imagined.

But it wasn’t a smooth ride. It wasn’t just about starting that site and writing whenever I feel like.

I tried many different forms of content creation.

I honed in on my craft and did different things with it.

I initially thought publishing books would be my thing. I’ve always been an avid reader and writing books actually came naturally to me. I mean books on personal growth, not fiction. They are easy, not that long and it’s what I was already talking and writing about all the time anyways.

In the years after starting my blog, I actually published over 10 self-help books and self-published them. Some people bought them and some of them even contacted me to thank me and we kept in touch. 

The self-publishing industry is easy to access, and it was even back then. But that doesn’t mean the book will be a bestseller. That requires marketing and reputation. I didn’t have that at the time. But I still technically became a published author.

I made my first money by writing that same kind of content – the articles on personal development – for clients. I was freelancing for a few years while growing the blog on the side, and later became a full-time blogger.

There’s also this podcast, there was another one many years ago. I have my courses and that’s a whole different format of content.

So what I mean here is you can use your content in many ways. You can have it on different platforms, repurpose it, reach people from all over the world, make it short or long form, get paid for it in different ways, and be anything you wanna be online.

But a few things seems to always be involved when someone does that well. 

That’s the passion, the hustle period – which is the time where you have no idea what you’re doing but you keep doing it, the desire to share your message with the world, talking about the stuff you love the most and know best, and serving people.

Once you get good at that, you can create content that transforms lives.

If you’re a blogger, you are already doing that. Even if you started the business to make money, you still picked a niche that means something to you and are solving problems to a particular type of reader with your content. You serve them. You get their attention. You give more than you get in return, and that’s amazing.

The content that transforms lives is genuine, inspirational and deep. It’s the type of content that leads to messages and comments and emails by people who were touched, who read something you wrote and took a big decision in their life because of it or let go of something that was bothering them.

It’s the content that stays with people long after they leave the page, and it’s often not the one you expect. 

Recently someone emailed me and said the moment they came across my name online and signed up to my list is when they read I left my home country and moved to my dream location. They did the same and so this made them feel something, it resonated, it made them stay around longer and hear what else I have to say.

That part of my story resonates with many people and yet, it’s just a few paragraphs on my About page.

I create strategic business content and I want this to be what gives people massive results and hear about them soon. But often it’s the little things, the ones I didn’t even think about when I was creating, the ones that had no other intention than to be real and share my voice.

That unlocks something in the Universe that’s bigger than us, and it can take us places.

So don’t hide, don’t keep all those thoughts and insights to yourself. Share them in any form you feel like.

The reason why I’m discussing this topic right now is because I’ve always been teaching content creators how to turn their voice into an online business and use it to transform lives.

Most of the people in my audience are bloggers and that’s amazing, but I also know there’s only so much you can do with your free content.

It inspires change and it can make people take action, but the result might not be big or lasting.

One place where true transformation happens is inside a program, a course that teaches the framework you use to achieve what you have in your life and that guides people through the challenges on the way and helps them get there faster.

But if you’ve never sold anything, if you’ve never created a digital product, if you’ve never learned sales and marketing, you might be intimated by this business model.

I’m here to make this easier for you, to let you take your blogging business further and create your best work ever, the one that inspires lasting change. Doors to my program for course creators Bold Business School are open right now and will close in a few days, on March 31st.

That’s where I teach anything you need to create and sell your signature program. It’s the roadmap to going from a blogger to a course creator and to having a product that you can sell over and over again.

It’s for you if you are looking for something more in your business. If you want to offer people a way to work with you more closely and get more specific results. If you want to grow your income and have a new passive income stream. If you want to package all your knowledge on one topic into a course and make it part of your legacy.

Here’s the link to see exactly what you’ll learn inside Bold Business School and all the other juicy details about the offer.

Thanks for tuning in today and I’ll see you next time.

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