Why I’m Unfollowing Everyone on Instagram - How to Create a Course Framework

Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.

The course framework is how the transformation you will provide is going to happen. It’s what you teach inside your program. It’s also what makes it different than other similar products. Let’s create yours. Together with this, in this episode, you’ll learn how to price your course thanks to a simple yet powerful 2-step pricing exercise.

Tune into the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • A 4-step process to creating the framework of your program
  • How to solve all of your students’ problems around the course topic
  • How having a framework makes you stand out
  • Examples of course frameworks
  • Tips to name your framework
  • What pricing has to do with value
  • Why market based pricing is a myth
  • A 2-step exercise to help you price your product right
  • How to go about payment plans

Your Course Framework

A framework will bring much more structure, clarity, ease and focus to what you’re teaching. It will be memorable, something that you can call your own method and which will make you stand out from other people in your industry teaching the same.

It’s about helping others go from A to B but by following a certain set of steps or principles, or doing it in a way that worked for you thanks to a technique you created, or by building a few new habits or specific qualities that will solve their problems and help them create their dream reality, or following a process that saves them time and is more effective. Let’s see examples.

Examples of course frameworks

Nothing would be easier than reminding you of the course framework you already saw and which you’re going through right now – The Dream Offer Method. It’s Value > Desire > Action. 

I basically gathered all the elements that go into a high-value offer and grouped them into 3 categories, then gave the stages simple names and the framework itself a powerful name. And that’s it. It’s my way of teaching things but also my way of organizing them.

Another simple framework I teach inside Bold Business School is Attract – Offer – Earn. I basically listed all the things I want to teach inside the program and the problems I want to solve, and after giving it some thought, decided to divide everything into 3 stages to make it more digestible.

Phase 1: Attract is about attracting your ideal clients and forming relationships with them through content and email marketing.

Phase 2: Offer is where you design the dream offer for these people.

In phase 3: Earn, you launch it, sell it with confidence and earn your first money as a course creator.

All this can seem overwhelming, but the 3-stage method Attract-Offer-Earn makes it more digestible.

I named it this way because the words are simple and positive, and to create some flow, they are all verbs and start with a vowel. This is a little trick you can use for your course name too, but more on that later.

In my course Fearless Content, I combined content creation and branding with personal growth and spirituality to create a 4-step formula for Aligned Content Creation. The 4 stages are as follows: release (limiting beliefs, old mindsets, ego desires, wrong platforms, etc); define (passion, content format, what’s best for you and your brand); align (use the powerful principles of your Human Design to create radical alignment in your biz); create (your best content is ready to be created with ease).

In Blog to Biz System, I teach a proven methodology to go from not knowing anything about blogging to turning this into an epic 5-figure business. That’s the secret sauce of the course. The framework itself is named like the course: The Blog to Biz System. Actually, that was my first course ever, I went back to it and updated it once, then also rebranded it and added that framework when I organized things better, changed its name, etc. 

It’s totally okay to do that. You are constantly getting better at everything in business, so it makes sense to go back and improve your programs too. So, that Blog to Biz System is actually just me walking people through the steps necessary to grow a blogging business.

Part 1 is creating your blogging strategy and launching the blog. Part 2 is about building your brand and email list. The next stage is Optimization, Traffic & Authority. This is where I teach blog optimization, SEO, analytics, domain authority, organic traffic, writing the first blog posts, creating cornerstone content, guest posting, and Pinterest. Part 4 is The Monetization Game Plan. We start with affiliate marketing and ads, then move onto sponsored posts, and finally scale and diversify with digital products.

You will often see people online who have built a business and have a program or another product with which they promise to show you their secret formula for achieving something, their proven framework, quick process or unique method.

In any case, as long as they are trustworthy and have already helped you with their free content and have proof that their methods work, you can find a lot more in their programs.

So what will your course framework be, how are you going to name it, and how will it help people achieve what your program promises?