Schema Markup for SEO: What is It and How to Use It - course name

Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.

In this part, we cover another important step of creating your high-value offer – making sure there’s demand for your course topic, also known as idea validation.

What I’m about to share with you is basically market research but in a much more casual, genuine and intuitive way than what you might be used to. The goal is to check if there’s demand for your course before you create any content for it and before the launch. 

Now, you’ll learn about the two main ways to ensure you’re working on a course that will sell as well as five methods for naming your course.

Tune into the episode below:

Your Course Name

Below, you’ll see five methods for naming your course and can choose the one that feels right for you. If you really focus and then write your ideas down, you’ll be able to come up with your epic course name and subtitle today and never think about it again.

Method #1: The descriptive name

The first approach is to pick a name that describes what your course is about, what it does or who it’s for. It can be a How to title, one that simply states what you’re going to teach, or 2 or 3 words that describe the main topic.

My Blog Audit offer, for instance, is just what it promises and the subtitle says: ’Get a professional audit of your website and blogging strategy + a growth action plan’.

Method #2: The results name

Another option is to pick a course name that focuses on the desired result such as who people want to become or what they want to have, and more specifically – on the journey from where they are now to where they want to be.

Method #3: The framework name

Next, you can use your framework’s name or something similar. An example is The Dream Offer Method.

Other cool words you can use include formula, system, strategy and process.

My main blogging course was once called Financial Freedom Through Blogging, which described its benefit and what it teaches. But I later changed it to Blog to Biz System

Method #4: The academy name

Another way to come up with the best name for your course is what I call the academy name. Bold Business School is an example of this.

Add a word such as school, academy or university and you’re done. But that usually means it’s a bigger program, one that helps with many problems, not just a mini course.

Method #5: The keyword + power word

This is one of my favorite combinations. If nothing else worked for you, this will. 

Think of one keyword, one word or phrase that describes what you teach, or your framework, your niche even, or anything else. Make this the main part of your course name and add a little something such as a powerful adjective, noun or verb.

Examples of power words include: mastery; quick; easy; unique; bold; accelerate; complete; scale; perfect; thrive; hero; badass.

Each of these is really powerful and evokes an emotion. Decide what the best effect would be that fits your course, framework and even your personality and style, and turn it into an epic name for your program.

I did that with Fearless Content. But people won’t know what the course is about if this is the first thing by me they stumble upon. That’s when the subtitle helps and why I chose a descriptive one: A 4-Week Program to Unlock Your Best Content, Uplevel Your Brand & Create Profound Impact. It describes the results people will get. 

I also used that principle in my Bold Niche Masterclass and in Money Magic. Power words make a huge difference.

Final tips for choosing a course name

So these are the five methods for naming your course. And here are my best tips to follow when picking your course name:

Keep it simple. The fewer words you use, the better.

Avoid a name that might be confusing. The fact that you get what it means right away doesn’t mean your ideal students feel the same. 

If the name itself suggests something different than what they want, they might not even check out the sales page to learn more.

Make it memorable. This is your signature program and what you’ll be known for in the online space. If it’s unique, easy to remember and interesting enough, more people will pay attention.

Google it to make sure it’s not taken. If there’s something similar, you might want to switch yours up so it can stand out.

If you have more than one good idea, why not ask your audience with a quick survey? It’s fun to make them part of the process of deciding something as important as the course name.

Now, after all these examples and the different methods you can use to structure your course name, it’s time to decide what yours will be. Jot down all your ideas, then narrow them down just like you did for your course topic, and pick the winner.