How to Use Power Words in Copywriting to Win Readers

The power of words in copywriting is something most people take for granted, but in reality, it contributes to almost 80% of most successes. 

Using the correct word in writing your content helps the reader to focus on the critical message. These are the so-called power words.

For instance, the use of’ you’ instead of ‘we’ in writing an article makes the content to be designed explicitly for the reader rather than to a group of people.

The ability to express yourself adequately lies in the words you opt to use. To ensure that your intended message is not misinterpreted, it is vital to play wisely around words. Additionally, it would be best if you were wise enough to know which word to put where and which not to put.

Power words help you reach success in the following ways:

Benefits of Using Power Words in Copywriting

1. Drives the mind of the reader to get the urge to do something.

As a content writer, you are directing your writing to a targeted group of audience. You want the specified audience to implement something you are recommending or to take a cause of action.

What better way to achieve this than to use words that can capture the mind of the readers?

For instance, you can use words such as ‘imagine’ or visualize’ to help take the reader into a place of imagination.

The reader can picture himself or herself in a state that you are trying to explain or illustrate to them in a more natural way than if the words are omitted.

2. Helps to create emotions

In written content, it is impossible to express feelings of sadness, happiness, grief, physically, or any other emotions you may wish to portray.

Thus, choosing the right power words to create those emotions in content is the best to ensure the reader gets the feeling you are trying to express through written words.

You don’t want your audience to misunderstand what you are expressing to them. For example, in a happy situation, the readers should be able to grab that from your writing. That will only be possible if you adopt the use of the correct words to express the right emotion.

They are several power words that can help you to express different emotions in your text:

  • Words that express pain include grief, rejection, stress, humiliation, hate, remorse, and guilt. 
  • Words that express reassurance include- guarantee, proven, safety, lifetime, and can.
  • Words that express happiness include joy, smiling, laughing, and excitement.
  • Words that express care include- love, children, friends, family, heaven, health, and dream.

3. Power words assist in the immediate gratification of needs for the reader

The secret to winning readers is by first capturing their subconscious minds.

A specific article lures the reader only by your wording. Words such as ‘now’ creates an instant gratification of needs to the reader. The reader will now be more curious to know what else you can offer or solve and will end up reading your content.

The most influential tool in luring people to love your writing is offering something extraordinary that captures their minds. Power words will help you to form many questions in your audience that they strive to get answers from your writing. 

4. Helps you to answer the questions of the readers

Most readers are looking for solutions to their problems in various written articles. Whether published in multiple blogs, magazines, or on different social platforms, readers will only invest their time on information that will offer solutions to their current predicaments.

Thus, it is vital to incorporate power words that will act towards assisting your readers.

If you have the power to play with words more exceptionally and professionally, then your articles will be read by many readers.

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5. Helps your content to be shared 

If you are into promotional writing, then you want to reach a large number of readers. The best way of ensuring that your content is widely shared is by adding words such as ‘ please retweet or please share or like my page’ to help your content be spread. 

Such powerful words will motivate your loyal readers to share your content widely. Thus, ensure you incorporate such words in your daily writing.

Bottom Line

Power words are significant in every form of copywriting. They have the power to make your writing more captivating and exciting to learn.

If you want to express anything to your readers, it is essential to spice up your writing with the correct word that makes your expression extraordinary and something that will make your readers to follow it through subconsciously.