How I Got 100K Page Views and Made $4,305 from My Blog Last Month

Content runs the blog. People come to your site for content and keep visiting as long as you keep providing them value.

You either have to be a writer or hire one to write content for your blog.

It’s easier to run a blog when you are a writer. Many bloggers find themselves in a pickle when unable to write content. Anyone can write.

If you think otherwise, here are a few tips for bloggers to create quality content.

1. Hiring a Professional is One Choice

Not just one choice, I’d call it a great choice. One may be good at something, but he can’t achieve the level of a professional without experience.

If you stay persistent and keep writing, you will become as good as any professional. But if you need your work done perfectly and instantly, then I suggest you get in touch with a freelance writer to do it for you.

2. We All Doubt Ourselves

You doubt if you can write; it’s perfectly normal. All of us writers doubt our writing ability almost every day of our life.

The only way out of this distrust is writing. Start writing and keep writing. If you think you are not doing it right, don’t stop. Once you are finished carefully proofread it and remove all errors and mistakes.

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3. Research and Create an Outline

Content writing is difficult when you don’t even know what to write. That’s why you always start with the research.

Once you know enough about the topic and have a vision of what your readers should know, create its outline.

Outline of your article could be headings, subheadings, and some notes. It will be easier to put words when you already have all headlines prepared.

4. Write What You Know

Most blogs provide information in their articles. You need to have the knowledge yourself if you want to share it with your readers.

Here are two essential tips to follow. First, choose a blog niche that you have a good hold of. Second, always start with research when writing an article. 

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5. Can’t Write; Can You Speak?

You may have trouble putting your thoughts into writing, but it might be easier for you to speak.

You can record yourself speaking and use software like CastingWords to transcribe them.

6. Write Short Sentences

Many new writers feel obligated to write long complex sentences. That’s not how web content writing works. You have to write like your reader is a twelve-year-old kid.

A great practice to write short sentences. It will be easier to compose for you and read for your audience.

7. You Get Better with Time

Know that practice makes a man perfect. If you feel that your writing isn’t up to the mark, don’t worry; we all do.

Just keep writing and see yourself becoming a better writer with time.

8. If It’s Boring, Erase it

If you’re uncertain whether your article is worth publishing or not, here’s a trick to make it worthy. First of all, follow the tips shared on this page to write your content.

Edit the article once finished and remove anything that you find boring or useless. Keep your content precise and to the point.