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Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.

In this part, we’ll talk about enhancing the value of your offer as much as possible with bonuses. You’ll learn what the best course bonuses have in common, what the different types of bonus material are, how to create your bonus stack and add monetary value to it. Together with that, you’ll hear a list of course bonus ideas you can use for your program right away.

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Show Notes:

  • Why every course needs a bonus package
  • What the best bonuses have in common
  • The benefits of high-value bonus material
  • Why creating a bonus doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming
  • Internal vs external objections
  • Examples of core bonuses
  • How do time-sensitive bonuses work
  • Handling sales objections by using bonus material
  • Course bonus ideas
  • Using coaching, support and communities to enhance your course offer
  •  A bonus idea with a perceived value of 5 figures
  • The type of bonus that has served me best as a student
  • Why price your bonuses + examples
  • Tips on deciding their monetary value

Questions answered in the episode:

  • At what point should I present my bonuses during the launch?
  • Should you offer bonuses for your pre-launch?
  • What are the different types of bonuses?
  • How I decide what bonuses to include in a program?
  • How many bonuses to have?
  • How many types of bonuses to include in my bonus stack?
  • What’s the difference between templates and swipe files?
  • How to implement physical products and live events in my bonus package?
  • How to position your bonuses on your sales page?

In this episode, we’ll talk about enhancing the value of your offer as much as possible with bonuses.

Here’s the thing. Your messaging will be ambitious but only because the content inside the program will blow people’s minds and change their lives. However, not everyone will be sure about that and will know this is what’s waiting for them inside. 

How can you help them understand? How can you make the offer so good they can’t say no?

One way is by having the most amazing bonuses. Bonus material so good that it might be the sole reason why some people invest. Bonus material so amazing that that itself is worth more than the program and makes the offer a no-brainer.

One of the main ingredients of a high-value offer is the bonuses you’ll add to your course. There are so many ways to go about it and they can be combined in a way that creates excitement, urgency and scarcity during launches.

There’s a reason why every good course out there, or any offer for that matter, goes together with the perfect bonus package for it. They have a few characteristics in common.

What the best bonuses have in common

They are super valuable – like, more than you’d expect. You can be surprised by how in demand the topic is, or how much time, money or hassle that bonus will save you with what you’re trying to achieve, or how much behind the scenes of what you care about the course creator is revealing. Usually, the topic and title itself can tell you how incredibly useful that can be, which makes you want it more.

They are relevant to your problems and desires – the bonus has to be related to the dream outcome you promise and the problems you’re solving. 

Sometimes, the moment they learn about the bonus, students can realize they actually really want access to that and it would help them so much but they didn’t know they needed that until they heard about it.

Good bonus packages can also be worth as much as or more than the product, or 50% of the total price. That value is something you get to explain to your audience and even put a number on. This is a matter of perception, of course, but it usually goes this way. 

Treat the bonus itself as an offer on its own. Explain the outcome they will get from it, how fast and easy it makes something, how much it would cost if it was sold separately, how unique the method you use or the tips you provide are, and make it available only to those who purchase in the first days of the launch, or to incentivize them to pick the full payment, or else. 

There’s a lot you can do with the bonus material of your offer but the way you describe it and the promise you make is what can help you double your sales.

The benefits of high-value bonus material

  • boost the total number of sales;
  • make someone buy now because the bonus disappears in 48 hours;
  • let people feel better about the investment as now they are getting more value in return;
  • make the whole offer more desirable;
  • stand out in your industry if your bonuses are unique;
  • you can use bonuses as a way to bring to life the many ideas you listed in the section about your framework earlier. All those things you want to include in your course, but which might not make sense in the modules you will come up with. Some of these can be perfect for a bonus material instead. Or to solve the problems from your other list, the ones that won’t necessarily be covered inside the course lessons;
  • you can leverage bonuses in a launch in many exciting ways and earn much more as a result of that;
  • they also allow you to teach something extra in addition to your program, something else you’re really good at. But again, it has to somehow be relevant to your main framework.

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