Thousands of people are uncomfortable working for their employers. There are many reasons for this.

Some don’t find job fulfillment working for others, while others simply want to be their own bosses. Becoming an entrepreneur is a sweet adventure, but it comes with a lot of challenges.

The road to entrepreneurship is filled with many ups and downs. But if you are not focused on your goals, the obstacles are enough to hinder you from reaching your set targets. If you have a big and workable business idea, you will develop the capacity to jump the hurdles.

Kick-starting a business requires strong planning. There are so many resources that can help you.  You can start your business with or without the help of business developers.

This article will guide you on 7 types of businesses you can start right now with almost no cash. Here are the details:

1. Home Services.

While you are at home, there are many services you can provide and still make huge money out of it.

For example, babysitting is one good business that can fetch you some money. You can do it virtually from the comfort of your home; you don’t need a corporate office for it.

Venturing into babysitting business doesn’t require any capital; you don’t need to save any money to start it. Other similar businesses you can do at home include snow plowing, landscaping, pet sitting service or canine-strolling etc.

2. Consulting.

Consulting is another good business you can start with or without any cash. If you are knowledgeable about a particular field, you can provide guidelines to those in need of such service and still make money. Consulting is not an easy business as it’s time-consuming.

However, many organizations are willing to pay for your expertise.  So, since they will be paying you, you need to do your best. This is the only way they will keep coming back or keep referring your services to their contacts.

3. Repair or skilled based services.

This type of business doesn’t require funding. All you need to do is to know how to repair something of value.

If you are skilled, you don’t even need an office to start. You can start virtually from anywhere. Besides your skills, the next things you need are tools or equipments.

This is why youths or graduates are encouraged to learn one skill or the other. So, while you are waiting for white collar jobs, you can keep yourself busy by rendering one service or the other to those that may be in need of it.

4. Broker.

This is one of the lucrative professions where you will be making lots of cash without even investing a dime. All you need to do is to understand how to sell products to clients through wholesaling or drop shipping.

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5. Blogger.

Becoming a blogger is another great avenue to make money; you don’t money to start hitting it big. All you need is the talent to write or share your experiences to the world through your blog.

If your blog is interesting, many online entrepreneurs will be happy to be doing business with you. They can share their contents with you, while you charge them a fee.

6. Micropreneurship.

You can create wealth for yourself by taking advantage of shared economy opportunities.

For example, you can rent out your home or car to those that need it, and make extra income with it.  The money you make from here can be used to start up a bigger business. That’s the so called micro entrepreneurship.

7. Resale.

Resale is an easy and one of the surest ways of making money. You can simply acquire a product and resale to someone at a higher cost. You can acquire these products through wholesaling or drop shipping.

No need for cash to be engaged in drop shipping, but you will need some money and space upfront in wholesaling. The idea of resale is that it will give you more money and flexible time.

Which one of these business ideas that you can start with almost no money do you like the most?

About The Author

This post was written by Sabrina Báez.