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Tools are one of the blogger’s best friends in online business, and today I want to introduce you to a new one that can help you improve your visuals and create all kinds of graphics. 

Whether that’s for Pinterest, Instagram, featured images for blog posts lead magnets, promo graphics, banners, or anything else, you don’t need to start from scratch. There are plenty of tools that will do the work for you and the end result can look as professional as if a web designer did it.

We live in the best possible times to start a blog and make it look nice and function well with little effort. How awesome is that!

So the tool I want to share about today is Creative Fabrica. Let’s see what it’s all about and how you can use it as a blogger.

What is Creative Fabrica

It’s an online platform that helps you find the perfect asset for a design and bring your creative ideas to life, including graphics, fonts, classes, a print on demand store, and much more.

There are over 9 million products by more than 50,000 designers. 

You can grab some of these for free, but with a subscription (monthly or yearly), you get access to it all and can download all files included in your plan. 

Getting started is super easy. You can head to to the Creative Fabrica studio and start creating your first design.

They offer different creative features such as:

  • removing the background of photos;
  • cropping images;
  • JPG to PDF converter;
  • adding a watermark to photos;
  • photo filter effects;
  • using thousands of templates;
  • a drag and drop feature to customize your design;

And much more.

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Ways to Use Creative Fabrica as a Blogger

And now, let me share some ideas on how to use this design tool to grow your brand, engage with your audience, make your content better, and – ultimately – grow your blog traffic and income.

For a start, you can create a more professional logo for your blog.

Then, you can use the many templates for Instagram posts by Creative Fabrica to promote your blog content as well as build a following on IG, which can lead to growing your list.

Speaking of email marketing, you can create beautiful visuals promoting your lead magnets that can entice more people to sign up to your list. The same goes for any digital products you’re offering.

Other ways visuals enhance the reader experience on your blog is through the featured images on your site and any other graphics you include on your pages. So it’s worth having access to quality images and graphics, as well as personalizing them to fit your brand. 

If you want an additional income stream, you can also create designs using Creative Fabrica and then sell them on a platform like Etsy.

And if you ever wanted to sell some merchandise for your brand or just to have an online store that sells physical products, you can use their Print on Demand option. You just need the design, to upload it to a printing partner website, and when a customer places an order, it’s printed and shipped. 

You don’t need to experience any of the challenges of having inventory or dealing with shipping. So that can open many new doors to you as a business owner. 

Over to you now. What can you do to create better visuals for your blog and business? And have you considered using a design tool for that?