The Creative Spaces of Steve Jobs, Ernest Hemingway, John Lennon and More - How I Earned $2448 From My Blog [December 2017 Monthly Income Report]

Welcome to my monthly review and income report for the last month of 2017. Hope you had a great December and entered 2018 with a smile. I did some reflection right before the new year, made a ton of lists, set some goals and know exactly what the next steps for them are.

You might enjoy my post where I look back on my personal, spiritual and business growth in 2017.

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Here are some things that happened on Let’s Reach Success over the last month, and what else has been going on:

Registered Let’s Reach Success as a company.

It’s not just a blog now, but a company registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. That goes together with some changes related to finance and legal issues, but I don’t wanna bore you with the details. What matters is that I will make some improvements in terms of branding.

Created a company page on LinkedIn for a start and will be sharing updates. It’s a good opportunity for me to also learn more about leveraging LinkedIn as a platform to not just build a brand but find potential clients.

Another thing I can do is add more personal and contact details on the site. Even in the footer, actually. Like an address, a number, and more. That’s good for business people landing on the site, but is also a trust signal for Google.

Also, added the company to Crunchbase.

Another resource page.

The Resource Page of the blog is gaining attention. In fact, people and companies are constantly emailing me wanting me to put their links inside. But I won’t do that.

However, it’s too long already and I might keep adding items there as I find new practical tools, or when better ones are released. So I created a shorter page that’s only with my most recommended tools. It’s not for marketing purposes but to really share the platforms, products, and services that I’m using and trust the most. Here it is.

Almost all of them are free and that’s just another proof of all the things we can do on the Web only if we set some time aside.

I started writing stories for

Goalcast is one of the fastest-growing self-development media companies on the Internet, with 8 million Facebook followers. Their mission is to empower everyone to harness their full potential, and I just became a contributor to What’s more, I’m writing about some pretty inspiring people – sharing the life stories of some of the most famous and successful people of all time.

So far I’ve published a piece on Nikola Tesla and Bob Marley. Many more to come. I’m glad I have the chance to do an extensive research on the lives and lessons of these people and share them in front of a huge audience. I wouldn’t be able to do that by solely posting the same content here.

There are other things I’m planning for Let’s Reach Success, big and small, and for the near and distant future, but for the purpose of this report, let’s stick to the facts.

Now, moving onto the numbers.

December Income Report

How to Turn Your Passion for Vaping into a Profitable Business

The revenue for December was $2448.

That one was the highest so far. Closest to it was the September income of $2325, followed by the money earned in November $2156.

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So, let’s break December down into 3 parts (10 days each) to see where it came from.

1 – 10 December

Revenue: $416

New client: 1

Sp. posts: 13

11 – 20 December

Revenue: $1257

New clients: 3

Sp. posts: 20

21 – 31 December

Revenue: $775

New client: 0

Sp. posts: 5

December was easy in terms of spending. Reviewing everything every 10 days and planning for the next period of 10 days really does help. If you aren’t happy with your tracking system, I suggest you try this.

Another important thing I do that helps me stay organized is that I do go back to past months, study the daily work I did, what I earned and what new things I started doing.

For instance, in the last monthly report, I concluded that I should spend more time looking for freelance work, sending applications, etc. even when I’m already doing some work.

It’s easy to stop seeking clients the moment you get more projects on your hands. But then it suddenly stops because that’s just how the freelancing world works. However, if you’re constantly on the grow and keep sending applications, reaching out to people and joining platforms, you’re more likely to have a constant flow of work and thus a steadier income.

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Hope you enjoyed my monthly review for December. I’m now officially done with 2017. See you in the next income report 🙂

Welcome to my monthly review and income report for the last month of 2017 where I share how I earned $2448 from my blog. #blog #passiveincome #blogsponsorships #freelancewriting