How to Live The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, One Change at a Time

Chances are, you’re not doing much for the environment with your way of life. And you most probably feel guilty about it every now and then but still don’t do anything to change that.

Well, there are actually some quite easy ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle that most people just aren’t aware of. In this post you’ll find some ideas that will not only make your living environmentally friendly, but your whole life a bit easier and simpler.

Turns out the reasons why people don’t take the environment into consideration when doing their daily chores or in their free time are ridiculous.

Some consider it a feminine thing only. Others are lazy and prefer the easy way – to just keep doing what they’ve always done. Sadly, there’s a big enough number of people who simply don’t care.

If you are determined to have an eco-friendly lifestyle though, here’s what your next steps and goals should be:

Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

1. Recycle.

An easy and fun thing to do, which will make you feel like a good citizen.

Most of the waste today is paper, and by using less of it (not that hard in the digital age), you’re contributing to society. If you turn to recycling though, which will soon become a habit, you’re helping the planet even more.

2. Remove plastic from your life.

It’s literally everywhere. In the food, in our fridge, in the bathroom for almost any sort of cosmetics we use, in the products we use for cleaning, for babies, for entertainment. It’s bad for our health and the environment.

Did you know that more than 50 percent of the plastic we use is just for one-time things?

It takes 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade. And there’s so much of it in the oceans that it’s become a global tragedy for the sea life.

But removing it is possible. Start by doing these little things for a more eco-friendly lifestyle without plastic:

  • Stop drinking bottled water;
  • Leave packaged food behind (a good motive to start eating healthier and prepare your own food);
  • Forget about the plastic bag (use paper ones, or even reusable shopping bags);
  • Store foods in the fridge in jars or any glass container instead of in plastic ones.

Soon you’ll look for other creative ways to replace plastic with more environmentally-friendly materials.

3. Eco-friendly transportation.

You’ll do a good deed if you sell your car and pick something else. Depending on your situation, work and where you live though, you might not be able to do that.

But using it much less is still helping you be a friend to the environment, instead of hurting it. The goal is to pollute the air less.

One cool idea for a way of transportation is to get a smart bike. These are getting more and more popular and it’s an enjoyable way to get to work or do chores in the neighborhood. It’s suitable for all weather conditions and might become your best friend once you see how easy getting from one place to another is.

If you want to check other environmentally-friendly and smart ways of transportation, F-wheel is offering plenty.

4. Save energy.

To live an eco-friendly lifestyle, let’s be more careful with our energy usage. That will not only help the environment but keep our bills low too.

Let’s start with the easy ways. Turn off everything when you go out. Replace your light bulbs with LED ones.

Take better care of your fridge by removing frost and cleaning it more often, and thus helping it run more efficiently. Use the air conditioner only when necessary, and in the room you’re staying in.

Save energy when cooking by putting lids on pans to keep the heat. Turn appliances on only when you’re ready with preparing the dish and have all ingredients. Don’t use excess water either.

As you see there’s a lot you can do to live the eco-friendly lifestyle without feeling less comfortable at home or outside, or without investing any resources. In fact, that’s a way to cut expenses in the long-run.

Once you take action and make a few changes in your daily schedule or shopping list, you’ll notice it’s not so hard and makes you feel better about yourself. So it will become the norm to always ask yourself whether what you’re doing is helping the environment, or hurting it.

Any other ideas on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle?