how to get paid to write

Working from home is slowly becoming one of the most popular means of earning an income in today’s day and age. Especially for those who have to stay at home, such as moms of young children, jobs that allow you to work from home is an excellent choice.

Out of all the many jobs that are available online, one of the most in-demand jobs is in the field of writing. If you are one of those who enjoy writing, then this is the right choice for you.

To help get you started, here are tips on how you can get paid to write:

How to Get Paid to Write

1. Bid for writing jobs.

One of the most common ways of earning through writing is through joining websites that allow you to bid for writing jobs.

Unless a company hires you as a direct employee, you will need to go to those websites that will enable you to register for free, where each writing job is awarded on a bid basis.

You have to expect that, as a newbie, you will not win a lot of jobs yet. But the more patience and hard work you put in, the higher the chances of you eventually winning those writing job bids, too.

2. Start a blog.

Apart from applying to a company that offers writing jobs, it is to your advantage as well to start a blog.

When you open up your blog, you can control how many posts you will create in a week, and what these topics are going to be about.

The great thing about this is that blogging can give you an avenue to express your thoughts, which can also be therapeutic on stressful days.

Not only are you writing to earn an income, but you are also giving yourself an outlet for all your thoughts and opinions as well.

 3. Apply for guest posts on popular blogs.

If you are a newbie to writing on the Internet, you should naturally expect that it will be tough for you to compete against the more popular blogs.

If you really need to get paid to write right now, your best approach is to apply for guest posting instead on popular blogs. 

There are numerous blogs on the Internet today that open themselves up to guest posts, mostly to keep up with the demands of their users. This is most especially true if they need more specialized topics that they do not know about.

If you are leaning towards writing guest posts for popular blogs, you will get paid for every post that you complete.

4. Contribute to newspapers.

Whether you are writing online or traditionally on print media, you can earn by working as a contributor to newspapers or magazines.

One good thing about this is that many traditional magazines or newspapers already have digital counterparts.

Another great thing about working as a contributor is that you have so much control over your time. You can also do this job over and on top of your full-time daily job.

In this manner, you are giving yourself a chance to earn more than you usually would at any given month.

5. Write lists.

Another great way to get paid to write is to create lists. Take a quick search around Google, and even on YouTube, and you will find that numerous content contain lists.

These lists can go from the most basic content usually searched for, such as The Top 10 Beaches In The World, to the most specific or out-of-this-world topics, such as The Top 10 Most Luxurious Prisons In The World.

When you apply to companies like this, your job is to write lists, with a short description of each item that made it on that list.

6. Write tutorials.

Of all the content that is also commonly searched for, one of these topics has to do with tutorials about anything that you may be an expert about.

You can start your application process on academic websites or online tutorial websites that need writers who can contribute academic content or tutorials.

These are your “How-To’s.” If there is any specialized field that you are an expert on, taking on this job can be a great choice for you. Writing is always easier when you are talking about a topic that not only interests you, but is also aligned with your knowledge and skills.


Writing as a form of earning money is not uncommon, especially for those who actually enjoy writing.

Now that you have these tips on how to get paid to write to guide you, all you need to do now is to start your search for the right websites that offer writing jobs.

What better way for you to earn an income than by doing something that you love.

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