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I’ve been blogging for a long time now. And while the income has been consistent (now making $50000 a year) and I’ve had the chance to experiment with different income streams, traffic was something I never really increased.

I was getting a certain number of visitors per day from Google thanks to the optimized posts created over the years. Social media and referrals weren’t really a traffic source I relied on.

But Google changes and it takes time to rank. What most bloggers do now in order to get traffic to the site quickly is to combine Pinterest (which is more of a search engine on its own rather than a social media platform) with Tailwind (the best Pin scheduler).

In this article, I’ll talk about Tailwind and what it can do for your blog. 

Most big bloggers own their success to Pinterest.

There’s a learning curve to mastering Pinterest and Tailwind. As a blogger, I had plenty of other things to focus on so that was sort of in the background.

But what could be more important than bringing more people to your blog, who can then stick around for longer, join your newsletter, click your affiliate links, and check out your products?

I’m following many bloggers online and learning from them and almost all of them get most of their traffic from Pinterest. So there was a secret Pinterest marketing formula that I was missing out on.

Turned out, it wasn’t even secret. Bloggers are openly sharing their experience with Pinterest and how exactly they grew their accounts and turned Pinterest page views into actual blog page views.

I now interview some of these big bloggers I’m talking about and they always mention Pinterest as their favorite traffic source and even consider it the reason why they successfully monetized their website.

Let’s take some examples.

Alex from CreateandGo is a 6-figure blogger and in his interview for Let’s Reach Success, he talks about Pinterest as a way to grow your blog traffic and income.

McKinzie from MomsMakeCents is a stay-at-home mom blogger who owns her blogging success to Pinterest too. She learned it so well and understands its importance that she now teaches other bloggers how to achieve the same.

Another great girl boss I interviewed for my blog is Chelsea from HerPaperRoute, who earns $10K/month blogging and is also crushing it on Pinterest.

The way to reach Pinterest success is this:

  • Set up a Pinterest business account;
  • Create your personal boards and optimize them;
  • Start creating beautiful Pins for your blog posts using Canva (or another tool);
  • Optimize these Pins and add them to your boards on Pinterest;
  • Join group boards and start adding your content there too so it can get seen by more people;
  • Track your Pins and follow the board rules.

That’s the easy part and it’s what I was doing for more than a year. I share details about each of these steps in my article How to Get Your First 100K Pinterest Page Views in 30 Days.

The next stage includes:

  • Learning from an expert by taking a Pinterest course.

For me, that was Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, where Alex and Lauren from CreateandGo (who earn over $100K/month blogging) share their insider knowledge.

pinterest traffic avalanche

I completed it and started implementing the strategies.

This is the tool anyone using Pinterest recommends and it’s an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner so Pinterest itself won’t hurt your rankings because you’re using a scheduler.

However, the best combination always remains to schedule pins + pin manually and shar other people’s content.

How I Quickly Grew My Blog Traffic with Tailwind

Shortly after upgrading to Tailwind Plus, I started seeing amazing results. 

For a start, my Pinterest page views reached nearly 350,000 in 2 weeks (which never happened when I was doing this manually).

pinterest pageviews reached 350k in 2 weeks using tailwind

I also don’t need to worry about tracking my Pins anymore (which I struggled with before) as I can simply schedule them with Tailwind (and thus add them to my personal boards, all relevant group boards as well as Tailwind Tribes) and get exposure over the course of the next few weeks or months without touching them ever again.

You’re saving a ton of time with this!

As you might now, Pinterest page views (which is basically impressions) don’t necessarily mean blog page views. That depends on how click-worthy your Pins are, how well you optimize them, whether you add them to relevant boards, etc.

This time, however, my design was on point too as a few pins went viral. I brought thousands of Pinners to my blog and that immediately affected my ad revenue positively.

For the first time ever, my blog was visited by 78,000 people in 1 month.

reached 78k blog pageviews in 1 month using pinterest and tailwind

That feels great and it’s just the beginning. Tailwind offers so much analytics that I’m just beginning to figure it out. 

For example, it will help me see which group boards and Tribes don’t perform well so I can leave them (there’s no point in pinning to them if there are no results). And the Pin Inspector helps me find my best pins so I can analyze why they performed well and can create new ones with similar design.

Tailwind’s Smart Schedule also shows you the best time of the day to pin. That means you can simply schedule your Pins and know they will be shared when your followers are most likely to see and engage with them. 

What’s more, there’s a great feature – SmartLoop – that I didn’t even have the time to test yet.

If you haven’t tried Tailwind yet, now’s the time. You can use my link to sign up for a free account.

Please keep in mind these are my personal results. If you want to see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for other users, check out the Typical Results of Tailwind Members published by Tailwind every year.

What Are My Next Goals?

I want to keep this traffic, of course, and only increase it. My ultimate goal is to reach 100,000 monthly page views on Let’s Reach Success and keep it this way.

For this to happen, I’ll also have to:

  • Go through the notes I took after completing the course Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and make a plan;
  • Keep experimenting with pin design;
  • Create pins for old blog posts;
  • Consider using SmartLoop and try Promoted Pins;
  • Read more bloggers’ Pinterest marketing strategies;
  • Leave group boards that don’t bring me results;
  • Monitor my progress and share it with you.

If you’re on Pinterest, you can follow me here. If you haven’t signed up for Tailwind yet, check out their free plan (you can still join a few Tribes and schedule many pins per month for free). 

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