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With most of the content on this blog, I help aspiring bloggers and freelancers start making money online and leave the 9 to 5. I also create practical guides for those who are taking it to the next level and want to run their own business, double their monthly income, automate some processes to free more of their time, etc.

I share the steps I’ve taken to start earning as a freelancer and to then go from freelancing to full-time blogging. I also share my favorite tools – free and paid.

One question many of you might have but which I haven’t yet addressed is about accounting. In particular, what’s the best accounting software out there for bloggers and freelancers?

I recommend Freshbooks and in this post, I’ll share why.

What’s Freshbooks and how does it work?

First of all, accounting matters a lot. The more money you make, clients you have and income streams you create, the more you’ll need to take control of the numbers. 

You’ll have to invoice clients, follow up on payments, track income and expenses, and prepare for tax time.

All these administrative tasks are time-consuming and can quickly become tedious. A tool like Freshbooks can do all this for you as it’s an all-in-one invoicing and accounting solution for self-employed people and small businesses.

If you invoice, you need Freshbooks. It’s easy to use and has many awesome (and necessary) features which can change the way you do your work.

They include: 

  • Expense tracking;
  • Time tracking;
  • Accepting credit cards;
  • Setting up online payments to get paid much faster;
  • Getting reports such as sales tax summary, invoice reports, time entry reports, expense reports, etc;
  • Managing your business from your phone;
  • Sending reminders for invoices.

If you want to get started right away, you can get a 30-day free trial by clicking here (no credit card required and you can cancel any time).

What Makes Freshbooks Ideas for Bloggers and Freelancers?

For a start, that’s the ease of use. None of us want to deal with tools that take a long time to learn. All we want is to spend less time on administrative and repetitive tasks so we can focus on creating content for our blog, working on projects for clients, growing our businesses and monetizing them in new ways.

Freshbooks allows you to do all this using the software from anywhere.

The powerful reports you’ll get access to with Freshbooks are yet another reason to use it. They can open your eyes for areas of your blogging or freelance business that you never considered before but which can use some improvement. 

All your personal information is protected and your business is safe. In addition, the support team is always there to answer your questions. 

Freshbooks is 100% web-based and that makes it even easier to use. 

You can now offer ACH payments too!

A new feature Freshbooks just introduced to US customers is ACH. It allows your clients to pay you via bank transfer and is much faster. It’s safe, secure and less expensive too.

With ACH payments, the funds are automatically deposited into your bank account and marked as paid in FreshBooks. That makes them more convenient than checks. The transaction fee is just 1%.

If you’re ready to make invoicing easy and run your business smarter, learn more about Freshbooks and try it for free for 30 days here.

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