6 Habits Before Bedtime We Must Adopt To Be Successful

Most people have heard of stories concerning the most successful people who wake up very early each single day and conquer the world before most individuals put the coffee on.

However, the rest part of the day also plays an equally significant role.

What do successful people do before going to bed?

Would you wish to know the secret? They plan the next day task before they go to bed.

The following are 6 bed time habits of highly successful individuals:

1. Plan the next day.

The American Express CEO loves to manage his time by ending his nights in a very easy way.

First he plans 3 things he wishes to achieve for the following day. Therefore, he can wake up very early in the morning, and get to work to attend to his most important tasks immediately.

Researchers conducted a study among high school students to test their abilities to manage time. The researchers caught up with the students four years later and they made a surprising discovery.

Students who had higher college GPA’s had better time management skills. In simple terms, time management played a vital role in their academic success than real scholastic aptitude.

2. Take a walk.

If you wish to be among the most successful people, you should consider taking a walk before going to bed.

The busy CEO of Buffer loves to take a walk right before going to bed. He utilizes his walks to switch off his thoughts concerning work, and gradually work himself into a “condition of tiredness”.

If you are always busy the full day, it could be good to take a walk in the evening after a stressful day.

Based on research, walking can boost your creativity level.

When you are taking a walk, your mind is not functioning very vigorously, which boosts the free flow of new ideas.

In case you have a serious issue that you have not been able to find a solution to, maybe a night walk is all you need to get the best creative solution.

3. Unplug.

Ariana Huffington has been an expert for “unplugging”, after passing out from injuring her head from the tune of five stitches.

Every night before going to bed, she leaves her phone in a different room so she’s not interrupted by it before bed time. Research has shown that she may be onto something.

Based on research, the bright light usually produced by our mobile phones display interrupts our body’s natural rhythm of sleep and tricks our bodies into thinking it is daytime.

The bright light delivers a message to our brains that hinders specific chemicals from being produced, making us to have a very difficult time going to sleep. If you want to have a comfortable night sleep, you should consider leaving your phone in a different room.

4. Read for an hour.

ways to fall asleep fast

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is an enthusiastic reader. Every night before going to bed, he reads a book for one hour, ranging on topics from current events to politics.

Apart from the common advantages of gaining knowledge, research has proven that reading everyday improves your memory and reduces stress.

Another huge advantage of reading a book on nightly basis is that it can enhance the long-term health of your brain. Anytime you read, it is just like a mental workout for your brain.

This study proved that individuals, who fueled their minds through several activities like reading, decreased cognitive decline by an average of 32 percent as they grew older.

5. Be creative.

In 2006, Vera Wang said to Fortune that her daily night routine involves, “a good amount of designing”.

In most occasions, a very quiet night can be the perfect environment to think more critically and be creative.

Research has proven that night time can be the best time for you to be more creative, even after a long tiring day.

A study from Albion College showed that, tasks needing creative insight were better performed during their non-optimal times of the day”.

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6. Meditate.

It is always a great idea to meditate regularly.

No doubt, MS. Winfrey has a program that keeps her very busy, and what a better way to relax after a very stressful day, that with a dedicated meditation session. Research has proven that meditation reduces anxiety, stress, pain and depression.

What about you? What other evening habits can you think of that will make us all more successful and help us kickstart the next day?

About The Author

This is a guest post by Azar Roshan, a blogger and the owner of FeedsYouNeed.