Whether you’re already selling things through the internet, e-commerce is a challenging platform if you’re not aware of the basic strategies to move your business forward.

Having your products listed on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay can help boost your small business to the next level. But there are certain rules and regulations and a way to follow if you’re in there to succeed.

Amazon’s fulfillment program which is better known as Amazon FBA is the perfect answer to all your e-commerce problems.

If you’re afraid that you cannot match the standard of shipping Amazon has set for its resellers, then why not try out their fulfillment program. 

The Amazon fulfillment program has helped many start selling on Amazon and actually make money, you could be the next one. Here is a small guide describing how Amazon FBA works. 

Shipping products to Amazon

Amazon FBA is all about getting your product pre-packaged and labeled to Amazon so it can be sent to a customer on your behalf.

For this, you will require an Amazon FBA freight forwarder, especially if you are importing products from China.

These freight forwarders follow the strict rules and regulations set by Amazon and provide you with a very reliable and affordable solution. 

Your products are stored in Amazon’s warehouse

Under the fulfillment by Amazon program, all of your products are stored with their inventory at their warehouses.

All your products are trackable and sometimes the e-commerce giant may move some of your products to another one of its warehouses if needed. This helps them deliver orders faster which is basically good for both of you. 

The best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about these things at all. Everything is done internally by Amazon.

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Listing products on Amazon or other websites

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Once your products have reached the Amazon fulfillment center/s, you can start listing your products.

Amazon does not have anything against uploading your products to other websites. Now just wait for orders to start piling up.

What happens after an order is placed

When a customer places an order on Amazon while you are signed up with their fulfillment program, the product is automatically processed with their system and is immediately sent to be fulfilled.

If orders are not directly placed on Amazon, then you’ll have to forward that order to Amazon by filling an MCF fulfillment order form. 

Amazon packs and ships the orders to the customer

The final step after an order has been placed is that Amazon picks the product from the warehouse and securely packs it with proper shipping labels. Your product is then sent to the buyers. 

If the order was placed directly through Amazon, then on top of shipping your product, Amazon will also deal with any shipment and customer support related problems on your behalf. 

Amazon fulfillment is just not another fulfillment program, it is the best in the business. As an online reseller, this is the best place to grow your business. 

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