20 of The Deepest Existential Questions You Should Ask Yourself Today

Have you ever felt empty on the inside? Do you recall moments when you felt like something was missing? And are you wondering how to fill the void?

Many people live with a void inside. They feel like everything is meaningless, nothing helps, and want to escape reality.

And they seek relief in temporary sources of happiness like food, alcohol, a certain person, gambling, shopping, drugs, etc. They believe it will give them some ease, some comfort that will make them feel better. But then they feel even worse.

Because the void is deep down, and can’t be cured using outer sources.

The healing happens inside of you, because that’s where it all started.

First, you need to realize what’s going on. You need to understand that you’re searching for completeness in some random activities (often unhealthy), in other people, or places.

But they can’t give you that.

What’s causing that void?

It may be due to a life of no purpose, living without direction, without meaning. Not knowing why you do the things you do, not having figured out what’s important.

And you’ll always have that voice deep down, which is telling you that you can do much more, you can achieve big things in your life. And that will remind you of the fact that you’re not doing anything about it now.

Many people turn to the easy solution – they try to escape that feeling of unworthiness, of being no one, of doing nothing. And they choose to distract themselves, which makes things worse.

Because the void gets even bigger. And you feel even emptier.

It may also be because of a lack of connection with your true self.

If you keep lying to yourself, not believing in your abilities, running away from problems, not helping others, not sharing what’s bothering you, not loving and appreciating yourself – then you’ll be miserable, and frustrated, and desperate.

How to feel the void?

It’s time to stop hiding from the truth, avoiding the hard stuff, trying to fill the emptiness with random things.

Keep in mind that many others are dealing with that too. They’re struggling every day with their inner voices, still hearing them, but trying to make them be quiet.

So here’s how to fill the void:

  1. Understand that void. Be okay with it. – Observe it. Try to actually see it, feel it. And you’ll know why it’s there.
  2. Realize that you’re complete just the way you are. – You don’t need anyone else to feel better. You can be happy, you deserve it.
  3. Fill it:
  • see the fullness of life, the abundance you have and ignore what’s missing;
  • focus on the present moment, let go of past and future;
  • don’t expect anything;
  • breathe deeply and try to realize how amazing life is, how blessed you are;
  • appreciate all you have;
  • be positive – know your strengths and work on them, leave the weak points behind;
  • be mindful of everything you do, be fully there;
  • feel the freedom – there are so many opportunities around, each day is a chance to start over, to change for the better;
  • start every day with gratitude – thank for everything that was, is and will be; believe that whatever it is, it’s for the best and is the perfect thing for that exact moment;
  • do what you feel like doing, and enjoy it;
  • find your purpose, know your ‘why’ and everything will suddenly have meaning;
  • meditate – learn how to clear your mind every now and then, to just be still and notice your thoughts, emotions and breathing.

I believe that by doing all these, you can change your approach to life.

You can start living in abundance, become successful, contented and peaceful, just by fixing your relationship with yourself. And without any changes in your surroundings.

That’s how to fill the void and it’s all simple. And it’s what you need to do in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling journey, while going after the things you want.