Cryptocurrency is a tough market.

With more and more Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) hitting the market each week ran by wantrepreneurs who are trying to establish their cryptocurrency as the next big thing, standing out and getting ahead of the curve is difficult.

When it comes to ICOs, consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical as the market gets bombarded with new entrants and although gaining their trust is difficult, it is not impossible.

One way you can set your ICO apart from most other contenders from the very beginning is to run a marketing campaign which stands out and sends the right message.

This is easier said than done, however, and standing out amongst the crowd takes a lot of work. It is not impossible, though – here are three ways you can make your ICO marketing campaign stand out and get off to the best start:

1. Guest Post on Crypto Authority Sites

You can easily advertise with crypto guest posts on several high-authority sites.

Guest posting is a common way start-up companies get their name out to the masses and it is very simple to get started with.

Although some sites have more stringent requirements than others, sites which are focused around tech and cryptocurrency would be more receptive to you guest posting about your ICO on their blog than a site which focuses on something else.

To get the ball rolling with guest posting, send over an email to a website’s editor or manager with a concise pitch highlighting your ICO and its positive aspects.

Although you may never hear back from many of your pitches, all it takes is one or two guest posts to make a huge difference.

2. Demonstrate What Makes You Different

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How does your ICO supply a consumer demand? Figure this out and market heavily on this point.

There are plenty of ICOs out there which are virtually indistinguishable from the others and the best way you can get ahead early is to demonstrate what makes you different and why your unique selling point is worth investing in.

A lot of ICOs fall down not because they don’t have a unique selling point, but because they don’t market on this point.

Your marketing efforts should be focused heavily on what makes you better than all the other ICOs on the market; avoid shying away from your differences and instead utilize them to get people talking about you.

3. Be Trustworthy

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new technology which has a lot of skepticism surrounding it from the consumer.

As a result of this, people are generally hesitant in getting involved – especially with new entrants to the market – and ICOs which cannot clearly demonstrate themselves as competent and trustworthy will find it very difficult to get the ball rolling.

There are many ways you can do this. Start by being transparent and open: have your management and development team taking on public-facing roles.

If consumers can clearly see that real people are behind your ICO, they will be more inclined to invest.

Additionally, don’t shy away from answering questions posed by potential investors. There will be a great many queries sent your way and a good way to get some free publicity is to answer them quickly, honestly and in the public domain.

Launching an ICO is not easy. Cryptocurrency is a very competitive and saturated market; it is today’s “in thing” and everybody wants to be a part of it.

By having a strong team behind your ICO which markets it based on merit and trustworthiness, you can get yourself off to the best possible start.