Why You Need a Marketing Calendar for Your Business in 2019 (+ Free Template)

It can often seem as though we are fighting a battle to be the top dog of our industry. But sometimes, it can be that we use and help other firms in our climb to success.

Integrating other firms into yours, or vice versa, can often be a great way to achieve this. This can seem astounding for those who are used to running conventional businesses. In the online space, however, the rules are certainly blending into one another. 

This is where you need to carefully consider your promotional package, the value you offer clients, and how you might just think ahead in your business to business connections. It could be that you are able to raise the profile of your own firm decisively by embarking on a project like this.

Let us see what that might mean, and how you might go about things. With the following advice, and potential guiding direction, we hope you’re better able to integrate and connect with other firms in a value-inducing capacity:

Consider Software Integrations

It can often be that with the correct API documentation, you are able to generate and integrate certain services into your offering.

For example, Spotify is often integrated into many online services that could use a service such as this. Payment API, such as Paypal, can often be a great means of giving people more choices.

Software integration is the force of now and the future, particularly with the heavily dominated online business space.

Consider Cross-Promotions

Cross promotions can often go a long way in helping both companies profit as a result.

It could be that as a firm that creates chairs, you offer a discount, paid for by you, that allows a cheaper purchase of lumbar support cushions from another brand.

Presenting this connection well to said brand, you might be able to generate a successful promotion, something that bonds the two companies, potentially allowing for future developments.

It’s this kind of practical planning, foresight and the means to use creative business efforts that can make all the difference in the future.

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Mix Your Marketing

You might have noticed that sometimes, Wendy’s, McDonalds, and Burger King share playful banter on Twitter. It might seem formal, but it can all be quite calculated, at least more than you would think.

This kind of playful interaction is often seen by millions who retweet and share said content for humor purposes alone, but it also serves as free marketing by said brand.

It could be that while you avoid replicating this exact scenario, you also decide to mix your marketing more appropriately, perhaps parodying other works.

It’s important to be careful here though, because any negative demonstrable loss to another’s marketing efforts might open you up to some form of litigation. However, that only occurs in the most unlikely of cases.

With these tips, we hope you’re much better able to integrate other firms into yours.