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Mistakes are part of life. They can be a fantastic source of knowledge and experience.

Young people make more of them as they think it’s okay, don’t take responsibility for all that happens or doesn’t happen to them, and tend to think short-term. However, there can sometimes be consequences that will cost you way too much later on.

If you’re a fan of personal development, want to fix your financial situation, to start a family soon and provide for it, to be a business owner and make money online, you should live strategically. Part of this is being aware of some of the biggest and most dangerous life mistakes you can make and doing what you can to avoid them.

Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need to experience something yourself in order to learn from it. You can take the lesson by watching others do it or simply reading their stories on a blog, for example.

To put your potential and precious time to better use, here are the life mistakes you should avoid, regardless of whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

Life Mistakes to Avoid

1. Staying in the wrong career.

Did you know that 99% of people choose the wrong career path?

If you too hate or at least dislike your career, maybe that’s because you’ve followed the traditional career trajectory. The one that those around you created for you.

It’s possible that you started a career in your field of study, after which you decided it’s too late to switch. You might think it’s risky to change jobs now or to enter a whole new industry and start from scratch.

But it’s not. It’s absolutely okay as long as it will make you like your job more.

You spend most of your life working. And if it’s not a business, it means working for someone else. That itself has plenty of disadvantages but if you’re in a field you’re passionate about, they can all go away.

The biggest career risk is doing what you hate. It doesn’t make sense to me as it makes you miserable.

Instead, you should be excited about Monday. You should wake up with a smile every day and start working with energy. You should be motivated to level up, build new skills, help more people and grow as a person.

All that can happen by choosing the right career. It’s okay to do that when you’re older. It can happen right after college, when you get married, when you have kids, when you’re paying off a mortgage, when you feel alone and hopeless. There’s no wrong moment to change career paths.

2. Blaming your parents.

It’s easy to blame one or both parents for the life mistakes they made, the opportunities you missed because of that, or the struggles and mental barriers you now have that are associated with your childhood.

But at the end of the day, your life is a result of your own choices. We make that daily which means any next day we can take responsibility for the way we and our lives are and turn things around.

I was playing the blame game too for quite a long time. Then realized our parents did their best. They had good intentions even though it wasn’t actually what we needed or wanted.

Letting go of your parents’ faults is one of the phases in life you need to go through in order to move on and become your best self.

Check out Mark Manson’s post It’s Not All Your Parents’ Fault for more thoughts on that.

3. Not saving money.

Saving money is important. Sadly, realizing that only when you’re in debt and without any idea how to manage your money and what to spend on is considered too late.

Forming the right money mindset and habits begins in our 20s. Of course, any next stage of life is better than never, but the earlier you start caring about money the better.

Start reading finance blogs (like Financial Samurai) to learn the basics. There are so many money-saving hacks and tricks you can practice in daily life that will help you save a bit. Once your savings grow, you’ll feel better, will be able to pay off your debt and leave that burden in the past.

Check out the story of Rich who saved $100K by age 25 and then did something pretty awesome with the financial freedom these savings provided.

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4. Drinking and driving.

The True Cost of DUI in the Healthcare System

That’s one of those risks you should never take. Doing it once and thinking nothing bad will happen as it’s just this time is a mindset that can cost you your life (or someone else’s).

Understanding the risks and consequences without being involved in an accident is key to becoming an adult and saving yourself horrible moments in the future.

Drink driving even once, even if you cause no damage, is considered a serious offence. It leads to fees, losing your license and might cost you your freedom as in some states imprisonment is part of the sentence. This life mistake will then affect your career and other aspects of your life.

5. Staying in a toxic relationship.

There are a million reasons why someone would end up in a relationship with the wrong person. But staying is something you simply cannot allow.

If two people are not meant for each other, if there are arguments and negative emotions that last years, if you cause each other emotional pain, if every day together is a struggle, if one person is only giving and the other is taking, you’ll do both of you a favor by ending things.

Toxic relationships make everyone around the couple upset too. People live in regrets, blame each other, affect their kids with all that, and often don’t achieve anything in their life because of this one barrier.

It’s best to open your eyes early in the relationship and before you start a family with that person. Then, you can both go your own ways, learn from the things that didn’t work out between you, and make sure you choose clear communication, mutual respect and unconditional love for your next partner.

These are 5 of the life mistakes the average person ends up making throughout their life. Don’t do that.

Now that you’ve seen this list, keep the points in it in mind so you can have a future that’s filled with happiness, financial stability, passion and peace of mind.

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To put your potential and precious time to better use, here are the life mistakes you should avoid, whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc