You don’t need to have a complex life, or to face multiple obstacles on your way to success.

The most successful people aim to make things easier, rather than complicating them, as we often do without even realizing.

Here’s how to simplify your days and make them easier and more pleasant:

1. Eliminate.

I think that if we truly want to change for the better, we need to start by taking the unnecessary out.

So stop trying to learn many new things, to constantly consume new information, meet new people, start new projects or set new goals.

All that sounds good for someone who’s always on the grow and whose busy schedule itself is his driving force, but you might not have such level of organization, time management and willpower. So you’ll need to try to have less of everything and leave just the essentials so that you can focus on them.

Start by eliminating the following:

  • people who only bring you down, are negative, indulge in unhealthy behaviors, never listen to you and just complain about their lives;
  • stuff you don’t need – most of the things in your place haven’t been used in a long time, others won’t be used any time soon, so throw them away or give them to someone who needs them more;
  • tasks on your to-do lists that are not important, that can be completed by someone else, that are not urgent, connected to your goals or which don’t improve you as a person or your lifestyle in any way;
  • expectations – stop expecting things to turn out in a certain way or people to behave and react the way you want them to, just accept things as they are and your days will be some much happier and more peaceful;
  • distractions.

2. Do everything smarter.

“Don’t work harder, think harder.”

That’s something Tim Ferriss said in a podcast episode, and we can’t argue that the guy knows what he’s doing.

– train smart – stop having long gym sessions and doing hours of cardio, instead work out for 45-60 minutes a day, do fewer exercises with more reps, but be consistent and do it every day;

– work smart – 4HWW;

– sleep better – have a bedtime ritual and hack your sleep to wake up fresh and ready for a successful day;

– take the right supplements to enhance your brain power – learn more about nootropics and how they’ll benefit your body;

– be more productive – have systems, find your most productive time, focus better and get things done faster,

travel cheaper – do your research, find cheaper flights, avoid extra costs;

– become self-employed;

– 80/20 rule – only 20% of the things you do give you 80% of the results you have, so focus on them and stop wasting time on the rest.

– choose – most of the time it’s better to just choose one thing, get to work and make the best of it. Otherwise, you don’t really get anything done;

– decide what you want about each area of your life and what you’re ready to give to have it.

3. Let go.

Letting go is the magic process of leaving behind past events, future worries and uncertainties, things that are out of your control, overthinking, irrational fears and caring too much about what others think.

This way you’ll be able to fully focus on the present moment, enjoy it, make the most of it and actually get stuff done and create a better future.

If you try all these, you’ll find contentment in everything you do. You’ll also live stress- and clutter-free, will learn how to relax properly, empty your mind and leave the problems of the world behind, how to single-task and complete the important stuff on your to-do list.

Life’s meant to be easy. So eliminate, work smart not hard, and let go. No need for anything else.