how to get paid to write

Working as a freelance writer is becoming the most attractive source of income, including location independence, flexible working hours, and an opportunity to build a business.

Some people have excellent command on writing, and they can write on every niche, but they don’t find the right platform to express or flourish their abilities. In this modern era, you can use your talent to earn money.  

Do you know freelance writing is a predictable, pure, and diversified income stream?

But the thing is, how do you become a freelance writer and from where you take your start? Make sure you have marketable writing skills and have already found a platform where you can sell your skills. 

In the past, only novels and playwriting were the demand of the market, but now in these days, technology has gained success, and online marketing increases the value of a skilled writer. Website content writing has increased the chances and opportunities for writers to earn money

If you are new in this field and wondering for help, then you have come to the right place. The only thing in this job requires your strong writing expression. 

How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

1. Understanding of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a type of writing in which a writer writes for others, and in return, he gets money.

It is not an office-based or permanent job. If you are a freelancer, you do not belong to any organization or publication. Instead, you write for those who pay you for it. 

2. Some Major Types of Freelance Writing

The most popular freelance writing you can find is an online publication, marketing, or journalism.

There are many other types of freelance writing, including academic writing (essay writing, book reviews, and research paper), newspaper article writing, and website blog writing. 

3. Know Your Writing Niche

The first thing required for freelance writing is identifying your writing niche. Without knowing what you’re good at, you may not be able to produce quality work.

If you are beginning your career journey as a freelance writer, then try to write on those subjects and topics which you find more comfortable. 

4. Why Companies Hire Freelance Writers?

Different companies hire freelance writers for several reasons. For example, some businesses don’t have in house employees they need to hire a freelance writer to fulfill their commitment.

Like these days, academic writing services are gaining popularity students purchase online essays and assignments to get good grades. This type of essay writing services always needs freelance writers to fulfill their commitments with clients on time.

You can apply in these writing services companies to get a freelance writing job.

5. What You Need to Do

  • Practice Your Writing

Writing is a skill that a person can improve and learn over time. To improve your written expression, you can write an article or short story each day.

Start with something you love or you passionate about then start writing about things you know nothing about.

Try to improve your weak areas if you want to make your career in writing. 

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  • Start a Blog

This is the most important step for every freelance writer. Your blog will be your identity because it shows your clients how good are you in your writing.

Through your blog posts, you can attract clients who are looking for a freelance writer.

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  • Pay Rates

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how much to ask for, and each category is different.

For example, writers who write for students are typically paid more than bloggers. But no matter what you are writing if you want to earn more dollars, you need to provide quality work without errors. 

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