Selling Crafts Online: 3 Secrets to Making Money with Crafts

You wake up to the screaming of your alarm just to slap it to snooze. Later comes the ice-cold shower, contrasted by your scalding coffee.

Then, after a caterpillar drive along the morning traffic, you ride the elevator up to the corridor of your workplace, a metal coffin rising to a crucible that promises an abstract reward. Welcome to the daily grind.

Are you happy with that kind of life?

No? You and a lot of people, buddy.

You probably need a long vacation. But if you’re here reading this article, then that means you are actively looking for a permanent way out of the rat race, the endless maze of cubicles and concrete buildings. Good.

One cannot stay an employee forever.

Either you grow old enough to retire and wish you had worked on your dreams instead, or you start a business while you’re young. The latter is a more appealing option, yes?

It’s relatively easy nowadays to launch your own business, especially if you’re creative and know how to create ingenious products out of raw materials.

You can even operate a crafting shop on your own! You just need to learn these secrets of selling crafts online.

Selling Crafts Online: Where to Start

1. Strike a Balance between Quality and Quantity

sell your crafts online

Do not sacrifice quality just so you can meet your quota. Numbers may satisfy an immediate need, but maintaining your standards will boost your credibility in the long run.

When you receive a large expedited order, consider first if you really can fulfill that job within the specified period. If not, let your customer understand that you are maintaining a certain quality and must set either a limit or an extended fulfillment period.

However, you may also get special orders that may affect the condition of your product.

For example, if you’re in the wedding-decor business and you have a client who’s planning a beach ceremony, you may need to use unconventional materials that are outside your usual procedures.

In those cases, don’t be afraid to browse wedding websites and explore other options. For instance, you can use high-quality silk flowers for your designs as they won’t be affected by the humidity and temperature of the beach, extending your decors’ longevity in that environment.

Just tell your client first about your idea. Set proper expectations, and you’ll be known for your reliability, which, in turn, attracts more customers, making your business thrive.

Besides, maybe you’ll get a new project idea from using alternative materials, so be flexible and think outside the box. Be crafty, but be honest.

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2. Save on Crafting Materials

Like in any commercial venture, the law of supply and demand must be respected and applied when selling crafts online. It’s not good business practice otherwise.

In the case of crafting (or in any retail business), it’s not recommended that you set your prices high. Otherwise, you’ll scare away your customers.

You may only do that when the quality of your goods attracts customers so much that your products always get sold out. That’s a case of a high demand forcing a low supply, which, in turn, inflates your commodities’ values.

Unless you already have a lot of customers coming in, it’s best that you sell your goods or services at a reasonable rate.

How can you make a profit then? Cut costs and expenses.

Buy materials, ingredients, and craft supplies like paper for wedding invitations wholesale so you can get them cheap and discounted.

This way, you can maximize your profit margin without needing to mark up your prices.

3. Start a Subscriber List

When your customers become regulars, that’s a sign that your business has potential, that there’s a demand for your crafts.

So make it easy for people to come back. Make a subscription list, and let your customers sign up for it.

This is a good, indirect way of measuring their satisfaction. Because, if they agree to your offer, that means they like your work so much that they’re open for more. Or they may just be courteous.

Besides, when they receive an update, you’ll also be subtly giving them the opportunity to unintentionally refer your business to their acquaintances, like when they open their mail and a friend or relative sees it. That second person may become interested in your offer and make a mental note of visiting your store/website.

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Tired of the nine-to-five grind? Then consider starting your own crafting business. It’s a great way of securing your financial stability as well as backup livelihood should you succumb to misfortune.

Keep in mind these techniques when selling crafts online, and you can make money from your venture. Good luck.

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