Morning pages are a simple and powerful technique. You get up earlier in the morning and write for a while (a page, a few, or as much as you can), you share your thoughts, build up momentum, get positive and are ready to jumpstart the day.

The benefits of morning pages are many, depending on how exactly you do the exercise (whether it’s early in the morning, by hand, whether you’re focused and do your best).

In time you start noticing positive changes in your life – you become more relaxed, less depressed (as you complain to the morning pages and thus leave the negative energy behind), you reduce anxiety and stress. You find out certain recurring themes in your life, or things you never knew were in your head, and can do something about it.

Also, you come up with ideas, improve your writing, and bring some peace in your days as you have such a pleasant activity for a start.
But there’s one ingredient without which you won’t see any results – consistency.

Because if you don’t do it daily, you’ll leave behind nothing but a few pages.

It takes time to build it as a habit, your mind needs this time to adjust to the new behavior, to open and get creative, to start using both its right and left side so that you can dig deep inside your consciousness and get to know yourself better.

Consistency is key when it comes down to any new thing we start. Most often the reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they give up too early.

Some don’t last even a month, but others lose hope after some time and find it easier to get back to their old habits, and just stop doing this one.

Don’t be like them.

Start doing morning pages today and let it become your priority, at least until you get used to it and start doing it on autopilot.

Remember that you’re doing it for yourself. You’ll see many changes, will build discipline, become creative, peaceful and positive. Don’t miss that opportunity.

The benefits of writing down your thoughts in the early morning are beyond measure. And one of the main effects of this exercise is therapeutic.

Here’s why:

1. You clear your mind.

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There are tens of thoughts on your mind in each moment. And most of them are negative and totally unnecessary.

We often try to ignore them, share them with others, or else – but it’s just not working as we want it to. We don’t feel any less overwhelmed.

But this simple technique – doing morning pages right after you wake up – has the profound effect of letting you clear your mind, pour it all on the page and feel like a new person.

2. You complain to the morning pages.

You don’t need a friend to talk to, a forum to share your thoughts or professional help. You just need to admit everything, accept it and let it go.

That’s when morning pages come in handy.

By writing down your fears, problems, issues, concerns and doubts, you also face them and stop trying to avoid all that.

And in the process, you also realize that most of them aren’t that bad, you come up with solutions, or see why you were afraid of something in the first place.

It’s just you and the sheet. But often it works better than anything else.

Simply because you’re touching deeper levels of your consciousness, asking yourself hard questions and finding the answers.

All that’s already inside you, the writing exercise just helps you get to it.

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3. You discover your creativity.

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Not only do you feel free, positive and more peaceful after that, but you also become a better writer, an idea generator and more creative in general.

For college, you might need assignment writing help, but with morning pages you don’t need any previous experience.

You start coming up with ideas and find ways to put them into practice.

4. You get to know yourself better.

Last but not least, you find out more about yourself. Maybe there’s something you’ve been trying to hide from for years, a hidden desire, a dream.

Now you can think about it and decide whether it’s something you need to do in order to live a better life.

So that’s how morning pages can be used as a therapy. And the results are astounding.