How I Made $4,339 in June 2018 from Blogging [Monthly Income Report]

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Welcome to my monthly income report. I publish these online income reports to share not just the revenue from my blog and freelance writing business, but also the mistakes, lessons and new projects.

Make sure you check out all my income reports.

I’m currently earning a few thousand dollars a month thanks to sponsorships, freelance writing and ads but I’m also working on 2 other income streams (affiliate marketing and selling online courses).

Read on to see what’s been going on over the past month. Hopefully, this will inspire you to add a new income stream to your business, start a profitable blog, make your first money freelancing, or simply work on a new business idea.

What Happened in June 2018 on My Blog and in My Business

Released The Passive Income Boss – a Free Course

So many students have enrolled in my second free course that I feel like it’s been released months ago. But it’s not.

That happened just recently and while it takes a ton of work, I’m in love with the process of creating these digital products.

Check out The Passive Income Boss to learn how to earn money from your blog.

the passive income boss - free course by lidiya k make money blogging

Optimized Let’s Reach Success to Increase Ad Revenue

I finally have recurring passive income and that’s thanks to having ads on Let’s Reach Success. I partnered with Mediavine which is a full-service ad management and I’m happy with the results.

To see the potential of the site, I’ve followed their guidelines, constantly update old content to break it down into more paragraphs and add more images, etc. These are all things that help the user experience but also boost ad revenue.

I also prepared a big article sharing why I chose Mediavine and how to optimize your blog to increase your income from ads. Stay tuned.

Reached 100K Monthly Views on Pinterest

Manual pinning works as it helped me get to 100K monthly views on Pinterest. However, this doesn’t mean traffic or direct earnings, so there’s a lot to learn about how the platform works.

New Bookkeeper

As of the beginning of 2018, I moved my online business from my home country Bulgaria to my new home the Netherlands. Registered with the Chamber of Commerce and am now ready to pay taxes here.

That required a Dutch accountant that will file VAT returns every quarter and make sure my earnings are all documented. However, he didn’t do that due to their software and also saw more invoices from me than he expected.

I was pretty worried about this for a long time as I also couldn’t reach the person after the mistake to ask some questions (he was on a vacation and didn’t respond even 2 weeks after he was back).

By the time he got back to me to apologize again, I had already found a new bookkeeper. So far it looks promising.

This is the first time I’m delegating something but it’s only because it’s such an important aspect of every small business. Watch out for people who come from a good firm but won’t actually follow up on their promises!

Fixed prices for sponsored posts

I took sponsorships to the next level by creating an additional page for those looking to publish a sponsored article on Let’s Reach Success.

I added many requirements as I’m now selective with the clients I work with.

Together with that, I created 3 packages depending on whether the link placement will be for a year, whether I’ll write the piece, and more.

Here are the sponsored blog post guidelines and rates for the blog.

June Monthly Income Report

I share what I earned, spent and learned last month thanks to my blog and business in the latest income report. Check it out: #blogincome #incomereport #blogincomereport #makemoneyblogging #fulltimeblogger

I earned a total of $4,339 in June 2018 from my blog and freelance writing business.

Please keep in mind that’s gross income. After extracting fees I pay to other platforms, transaction fees, paying my own taxes and insurance and covering my pension as a solopreneur in the Netherlands, there’s much less left for me to spend.

It took a while till I got to over $4K/month blogging and freelancing. You can see the progress here together with all other income reports.

This Month’s Revenue Breakdown

Total Revenue (Gross Income) – $4,339



Clients outside of any platform




BOOKS: $14



This Month’s Expenses Breakdown

Web Services

WPX Hosting – $25 (Read my honest WPX Hosting Review)

Teachable – $39

Professional Services

Accountant €0

Office Supplies and Misc.

Mobile Plan – €27

Health Insurance – €102

Upwork fees – $90

PayPal fees – $128

Next Goals: What I’ll Be Working on in July

I was traveling the first week of July which becomes a big distraction for the next week of work. But the summer slump exists for a reason and there are plenty of other things to do in the summer.

Still, I managed to start my 2 paid online courses at the end of June and am excited about these projects.

Content inside each will be a lot so that requires many, many hours of writing and organizing information. I don’t have a deadline for this nor do I want to as it might become an obstacle to creativity and productivity in this case.

I’m not even sure which one I’ll release first, but that’s what I’ll be doing in my free time when I’m on the laptop the next weeks – adding content to the courses.

Final words for this month’s blog income report

Hope you enjoyed this income report and what I’ve earned, spent and learned thanks to my online business.

If you haven’t started a blog already, don’t put it off for another month. I didn’t see any earnings for the first few years but your journey doesn’t need to be that slow.

Head to this page to see how to easily start a blog in under 20 minutes and then plan your first pieces of content. Good luck!

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