How Dafina Went from 6 Figures in Debt to Being a Financially Free Personal Finance Coach - tips for online course creators

Today I’ll share some of my best tips for online course creators. Whether you are just starting out and about to create your first program, have been around for a while but aren’t seeing the results you want with your products, or want to enhance your existing offers and go in business full-time, this episode is for you.

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Show Notes:

  • [1:23] Is having one course enough?
  • [2:26] Another way to build an online course business
  • [4:22] What bold messaging & believing in your offer 100% look like
  • [6:21] An example of a bold sales page guarantee
  • [8:05] Who the copy on your sales page is meant for
  • [9:13] How to not be boring with your offers
  • [9:44] People don’t buy courses, they buy this
  • [10:47] Tips for your next launch
  • [11:49] Why making your course bigger and longer might be a mistake



The advice I’m about to give you comes from experience, from all I’ve seen in the online course industry in the past few years and all I’ve learned from my mentors. You’ll hear tips on course creation, selling, marketing, launching, pricing, mindset work, and more.

I also have a short but powerful freebie for you to grab. That’s the Epic Online Course Checklist and inside you’ll find the elements that go into an offer so good that it practically sells itself. 

1. One course can be enough.

Your whole business can be structured around one program. Just make sure it’s the right one for your ideal student and make it mind-blowing.

I can’t tell you if that program is the one you’ve already released or if it’s your next best idea. You get to figure that out through idea validation which can happen by surveying your audience, or preselling the course to see if there’s any interest. But also listening to your intuition. 

2. Get that program out there before it’s perfect. 

You can spend years upgrading it and it can still become the one product that earns you crazy amounts of money and changes people’s lives.

3. Don’t give up on your current program just because the launch flopped.

There are a million other reasons why that happened. I’m actually planning to record a whole episode about this because it’s such an important topic and there’s so much confusion around it out there.

And while the one course business model can get you far, there’s also another version – to have multiple products. They can be for people from your audience at different levels, or just at different price points, or maybe you want to create both short and long programs, maybe some are more interactive than others, and all this forms your product suite. 

Then you get to play with the different offers, combine them in a bundle, collaborate with other online course creators and promote each others deals, have automated email series and create evergreen sales funnels for each product, and so much more. 

This requires more work than having just 1 course and selling it over and over again but maybe it’s what resonates with you and works for your niche, skills and interests. 

4. ALWAYS keep growing your audience. 

Before, during and between launches. Otherwise, you risk selling to the same people. 

If your messaging hasn’t changed, if they really aren’t ready to buy or aren’t interested, you simply won’t make sales until there are new potential students in your community.

5. Believe in your course and offer 100%.

If you don’t, no one else will. So be honest with yourself and find out what you feel about your existing offer.

Nothing is final or bad in any way because you can improve that, you can update the content inside the program, completely redesign it, change the marketing, make the emails and sales page copy much more personal, have a different pricing strategy, and just make the whole offer enticing. 

6. Be bold in your messaging. 

Let me give you some examples from the sales page of my upcoming program for course creators Bold Business School. Anything I’m talking about today is something I cover in detail there and that’s basically a 6-month membership experience to help you create not just a course, but a dream offer and a digital product business set up for unlimited profit and freedom.

Only those on the waitlist will hear about it when doors first open and will get the chance to enroll for a low price that will never be available again. So if you want to sign up and stay up to date, you can do that on this page.

Now, one section of the sales page says this: 

“As a member of BBS, you will:

Here are some awesome things that will happen once you join the program:

➜ You’ll define your niche

➜ You’ll start and grow an email list

➜ You’ll create a mini product

➜ You’ll have your first sales funnel

➜ You’ll build your signature program, the one that will become the foundation of your business and can bring in the most revenue

➜ You’ll turn it into the perfect offer for your dream customers

➜ Then comes your first launch

➜ You’ll have a great sales page (using our done-for-you template)

➜ You’ll make your first sale

➜ You’ll grow your audience

➜ You’ll get confident selling

➜ You’ll be excited for every next month’s content and actually follow through thanks to that

➜ This helps you stay accountable

➜ You’ll make friends (in the forum)

➜ You’ll earn passive income

➜ You’ll automate your business

➜ You’ll make your first $1K with digital products in 1 year

and so much more…”

And another section that’s an example of being bold in your messaging is my 30-day risk-free guarantee.
Here are some parts from it:

“If Bold Business School doesn’t BLOW YOUR MIND in 30 days, you can email us at for a FULL REFUND. That’s how convinced I am in the transformation this program provides for you and your business.

With that being said, nothing will work unless you do. I can’t do the work on your behalf, but I sure can give you the content, tools, strategies and support necessary to get you to your dream business much faster and with as little overwhelm as possible.

You have EXACTLY 30 days from today to put this program to the test. If you aren’t a whole new bolder version of yourself by then, and totally excited to take massive action in your business, simply email us at to get your complete and FULL REFUND. All I ask is that you show me you’ve done the work! Proof of having done the work includes completing most of the trainings you got access to, downloading the workbooks, doing the homework, and joining the private community.

With this, I am putting 100% of the risk on me. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

The guarantee is actually longer but I don’t need to read the whole thing to you now. 

There are more examples from that sales page of what bold messaging can look like. Some are in the intro paragraphs, the section where I share my story and go into detail about how I started and where I am today. There’s also a section where I make the reader imagine how their life will look like a few months from now if they join the program today.

With all this, you see that I’m confident about this content before it’s even created. I know it can provide results, but I also know it’s not for everyone.

The copy on your sales page and any other material is meant to magnetize your dream students, not just everyone. They are the ones that will do the work, become your biggest fans, build a business that they are proud of, become your best case studies, and make you feel satisfied because your work makes a difference.

And you yourself wouldn’t want to invest in a course creator who isn’t confident about their own product. 

Your copy either attracts or repels. It goes together with certain energy and people can usually see through it. 

So if you aren’t bold in your marketing and messaging around the offer yet, maybe you need to adjust something about the product itself so you can feel that it can actually transform people’s lives.

7. Make your product and offer bold, sexy & potent.

And if you can’t imagine describing something you created with these powerful words, you have some mindset work to do. In particular, around limiting beliefs related to self-worth.

8. Don’t be boring.

My next tip for online course creators is to have fun with everything. This is not an obligation, it’s your life’s work, mission and passion. So do it your way. Which brings us to the next point.

9. Add more YOU in your product and offer. 

If you love pink for example, let your branding show that. 

If you swear when you’re inspired and passionate, then let that be part of your messaging and attract people who resonate with it.

10. Talk about the transformation of a product, not its features.

Your offer needs to be irresistible. People aren’t here to buy features or even courses. They are here to invest in a potential transformation and your program can provide that. Also, they are here to invest in you and your energy and that applies both to a coaching business and a course business.

So, have you sat down to really describe what people’s life will be like after going through your program?

Can you give examples? Can you say WHO they will become once they follow the steps outlined in your roadmap?

11. Overdeliver. 

Your messaging as an online course creator will be ambitious, but only because the content inside the program will blow people’s minds and change their lives.

12. Price boldly. 

Whatever that price tag is, let your product be so good people tell you it should cost many times more.

That’s what I’m planning to do with Bold Business School.

13. If you aren’t excited about your own launch, something needs to change. 

Prepare well so you don’t stress during launch week. Actually live your life to the fullest while sending out emails and showing up on socials. Launch less often if it’s too much and you can’t take a breath in-between promo periods.

14. Find the launch process that works best for YOU and master it.

15. Keep providing value while promoting something. 

You can’t just tell people to buy every day during your launch period or until you fill the spots for your program. 

You can do that and provide value at the same time so that those who see all your posts and emails aren’t annoyed but still keep following you and checking out what you have to share.

16. In your marketing and copy, don’t say how bad other courses.

Or in what a wrong way other course creators teach. It’s just not cool.

My next best tip for online course creators is about your course’s format and content. 

17. Creating a big and long course isn’t something to be proud of. 

I learned that from experience. Instead, focus on making it actionable and digestible. 

Just get people from A to B in the most effective way possible so they can begin applying what they learned in the program right away.

18. Remember that this is the best version of this product now. 

But it doesn’t need to be the last one. As you grow, you can update different parts of it and follow your intuition when removing or adding content. The product can grow with you, and so can its price.

Let me know what you think, I hope that you found at least one of these tips for online course creators valuable and will take action on it right away.

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