As your company grows, you might find it necessary to outsource specific tasks. When it comes to your online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), that might best be left to the professionals.

Many business owners, when it comes to utilizing SEO in their digital marketing strategies, don’t have the first clue when it comes to the subject. This is where outsourcing your SEO tasks can be a step in the right direction when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

In fact, 57 percent of companies increase the use of outsourcing their SEO tasks, according to Brandon Gaille, a small business, and marketing expert.

Here are six questions you need to ask to ensure you’re getting the best provider.

How Do You Measure the Overall Success of Your SEO Campaigns?

When looking for a company to work with, you want to find one that uses metrics like leads, phone calls generated, online sales, etc., to measure success.

Beware of any company that touts their ability to get you number one rankings. Ultimately, being ranked number one has been shown to have zero direct revenue benefits.

How Do You Determine Which Terms to Focus On?

You’re looking for some detailed search term analysis, along with a thorough evaluation of the business model for the site being optimized.

Companies should get extra credit if the mention testing terms to determine which search terms will generate the best results for your business.

How Do You Create the Content for Search Optimization?

According to the Search Engine Journal, 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search, making it extremely important for the company to create high-quality content.

Furthermore, search-friendly content is critical.

They must be able to carefully craft content that addresses essential search terms and material that is interesting to both consumers and Google.

How Do You Integrate SEO Efforts With Other Marketing Aspects?

You want to work with a partner that recognizes that good SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

“Integrating SEO with your public relations efforts and making sure that search terms related to new campaigns and products are optimized is extremely important.”, says Josh Day of WayFx.

How Do You Approach To Getting More Links?

If you fail to have links from, at the very least, semi-popular websites pointing to your search-optimized content, you are going to be facing an uphill battle.

Finding good link building services is critical for your SEO efforts. You want to try to find a partner that has a clearly defined process for finding quality links for their customers.

What Services Do You Provide After Initial Setup?

Some SEO firms will put substantial efforts into getting your search account setup initially. Then after 60 days, they charge their clients hundreds or thousands of dollars every month for the completion of very little work.

Be sure you find out precisely what they will do after the initial setup to continue to improve the SEO campaign on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, search engine optimization is about results, making it imperative for you to find the right company to work with. By asking these six simple questions, you’ll be well on your way to creating an SEO campaign that gets results.