6 Legit Passive Income Ideas for Extra Cash

It’s difficult to live in today’s world. There are many things you want and even need. Yet, you can’t afford them.

Why? Because there’s no money for them. And yet, demands keep piling up.

You would like to afford them, but you can’t. So, what do you do? You try your best to earn more money.

How does one earn money? Well, there’s a surprisingly large amount of ways to do so and even turn this into passive income. They all involve doing something obvious.

Yet, we overlook these paths. It’s often even easy to do so.

From getting out of debt to investing wisely, these are some of the best passive income ideas and they do bring extra cash. After all, more money is always good.

Here are some legit ways to earn passive income down the road:

6 Passive Income Ideas

1. Get out of debt

If you look at it logically, debt is the opposite of more money. And, when you’re in debt, you lose money passively.

One way to increase your passive earnings is simply to stop losing them. As a famous blogger once stated about debt, it sucks. That’s the long and short of it.

How do you get out of debt? Easily. Stop spending money you cannot spend.

The sooner you cut out all non-essential spending, you start earning money.

With that same money, everything is easier. And, when you make enough… You can spend as much as before, and then some.

Another way to get out of debt is to re-finance any loans if you need to. It looks odd, but it’s actually the best way.

Solidifying your debts into one, easy to manage payment. That’s how you can get a much clearer overview of things, as well.

This even frees you up to invest or simply loan money to others, for your own benefit. It’s that simple. The problem is, you can’t see it if you’re worried about your money.

2. Write about your passions

Do you love a subject? Do you, for example, love history? Are you very good at math? Are you funny and often get compliments about being funny?

Why not use that? You can’t go wrong with trying to turn something you like doing already into a profit.

For example, start a blog. The world has over 7 billion people in it. Many of them like the same things you do.

If you’re passionate, you can easily earn money off that. It’s one of the best passive income ideas as once you monetize a site, it can make you money forever.

Just look at how much people earned a couple of years ago, on Patreon. The earnings are only larger today.

With such vast, online audiences, you can find an audience for anything. Even a book, if you write about something you love.

And the aforementioned Patreon website is very much a legitimate venue. With a following, you earn a lot just for writing.

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3. Be a photographer

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? With, usually, very good cameras. It’s easy to turn your phone into a money-making machine.

All you need is your phone, a passion for taking photos and some time. It’s that easy, costs you nothing and is yet another one of the best passive income ideas.

How do you make money with photos? Use Shutterstock. It’s a website that pays royalties for every photo you submit.

If they approve it, you get paid royalties. And considering how massive Shutterstock is, those royalties will add up quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, take pictures you’d take anyways and profit from it. It’s passive income that relies totally on you having fun with it.

4. Rent out your space, or even sell it

People forget that whatever spare room they have is a gold mine. You can use your spare room to earn a load of cash.

You can use your empty garage, your empty attic or basement, anything. In fact, some of the most famous billion-dollar companies were born in a garage.

People need places to live, small businesses need offices. Why not rent it to them and earn passive income?

There are websites dedicated to this. Successful and powerful, like Flatfly and Airbnb, for example. And why shouldn’t they capitalize on this?

It’s downright absurd, how easily you can make money renting any sort of living space out. Even just storage space can accumulate money over time.

It’s not just renting, either. You can sell too. Sites like the aforementioned Flatfly can easily make a killing on sales. And again, why shouldn’t they?

You can earn tens if not hundreds of thousands in passive income, getting rid of space you don’t need. Then you can invest all that money wisely.

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5. Rent out everything you can

This isn’t just the previous one of our passive income ideas. People forget you can rent almost anything out.

Do you have a ladder you’re not using? Do you have clippers, a hair dryer, even your own car? Do you want to just keep your stuff locked up, or rent it when it’s otherwise collecting dust?

Sites like Craigslist offer you the chance to let it all be seen. Totally free, people advertise tons of services every day.

They also rent out things, as well. From power tools to vehicles and their gardens, all the way to simple shovels. You can get anything you need there, for a bit, cheaply.

Sure, you wouldn’t be making a ton of money every day. But, overall, you’d have some extra income. There’s no cost to you and very little time spent.

Passively generating a little bit of money here and there. That’s all you need, to create an actual, worthwhile additional income from passive income ideas like that.

6. Invest in a high-yield savings account

As you’ve undoubtedly heard before, you can always do this. Investing in a savings account seems like a timid way to do it. You might think it’s ultimately pointless and has little appeal.

However, consider this: It’s money that’s given to you for not spending it. That’s it. You get money if you hold off a bit.

There is, of course, a necessity to wait. You need to invest your time into this.

But what else is there to lose? You can use the money you’d normally just keep in savings.

You can invest money you’d normally squander. It’s one way of avoiding spending your money too hastily.


Passive income ideas are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be.

These are all amazing ways to earn more money and enhance your life. Passive income can only give you more, it will never take away

So why not try it? From turning a passion or patience into cash to selling space. The possibilities are endless. Explore them. Your wallet will thank you.

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