When we hear about outsourcing, we often think of large corporations. But in reality, small businesses probably get the greatest benefit from the powerful skill of delegation.

If you’re a small business owner who is looking for ways to grow your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

The first step is to come up with ideas related to outsourcing. Here are the top 10 outsourcing trends that are used by successful small businesses.

#1: Ensure Legal Requirements are met.

Small business owners have enough on their plate without having to worry about the latest regulatory issues or other obscure changes that could land them in legal trouble.

Large corporations have legal teams to take care of this stuff, but you might not have that luxury. That’s where outsourcing can become your greatest ally.

You can outsource certain services to ensure that your business is meeting certain legal requirements. In this instance, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

#2: Social Media Marketing Services.

This is one of the ideas relating with outsourcing that I would consider option at the start of your business. However, once you reach a certain point, it becomes a necessity.

Handing over control of your social media accounts can be scary because we all see so many companies make mistakes on these platforms that cause them to plummet.

There are ways to limit the risk though. One such method is to have written guidelines for managing your social media accounts.

Social media managers must know how to act in certain situations.

#3: Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping.

These are two of the most time-consuming tasks in business, making them prime candidates for delegation.

Large corporations can hire full-time employees to handle these tasks, but small businesses will be better off outsourcing them to firms.  

#4: IT Services Are Paramount in a Growing Digital World.

Your business has an important online presence. There are just too many responsibilities here to try and to this on your own. You need an expert.

So your only options are to hire someone in-house or outsource it. Security of your data is of paramount importance, so you have to get this right.

For example, nearshore software outsourcing has gained popularity as a strategic approach for businesses seeking cost-effective and efficient development solutions.

The best nearshore software development companies enable businesses to collaborate with teams located in nearby or neighboring countries, minimizing time zone differences and cultural barriers. This fosters improved project management and faster response times.

Overall, nearshore software outsourcing proves advantageous for companies looking to optimize development costs, enhance project efficiency, and leverage a global talent pool.

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#5: Human Resources.

Small businesses won’t have enough employees to justify having an in-house human resources staff. So you can outsource these minor tasks until your company grows enough to justify doing it in-house.

#6: There’s a High Demand for Writers.

Next, on our list of ideas relating with outsourcing is writing.

Having an online presence is huge today, so writers are in high demand.

So many new business owners try to write the content themselves, but they don’t have a deep understanding of everything that’s required.

Again, this is one of those areas where an expert can do a much better job.

#7: Virtual Assistants are Time-Savers.

As we continue to grow our business, the sheer amount of “busy work” accumulates until we find ourselves spending hours per week working on it.

Scheduling, checking emails and making phone calls are just three examples of busy work that can eat away our time. That’s why virtual assistants have become so popular.

#8: Research can be Outsourced.

Research might be one of the most overlooked forms of outsourcing.

Rather than spending hours on the internet in an attempt to research different markets, pay an expert to do it for you.

#9 Graphic Design.

Graphic designers are skilled artists who have likely spent their entire lives honing the craft. There is no way that we can put together graphics that are as high quality as these experts can.

Tap into their immense pool of expertise.  

#10: Everything is Hitting the Cloud.

Finally, working with freelancers means that you’ll likely have different sets of hands working on different aspects of the same projects. You need to keep it centralized. That’s why the cloud has become such a popular way to share data.

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This article was written by Catherine Park.