8 of The Most Popular Benefits of Traveling

The travel restrictions due to the coronavirus have left us all mourning the lost vacation and worrying about when we can now break out on the trip. Well, no worries: you can change the scenery and relax without stepping on a plane.

Just go on a road trip in your own country. Read our proven tips on how to plan your perfect car trip!

Step #1. Mull over a route

Choose a special destination. May your journey end where you have long dreamed of visiting.

At the same time, choose a special route: a canonical way or, conversely, an untrodden trail.

It is important to listen to yourself and decide what you expect from this trip. Looking for scenic roads? Or something nostalgic like a trip past the former home of old friends?

As soon as you find it, you can easily build a route around this goal.

Step #2. Google

First, pick up a car. A rented iron horse is best suited for such purposes.

Focus on the number of travelers and stuff. If you are up to 4 people and there are few things, then almost any car will do. If you are from 5 to 7, you can fit into a Cruiser and a minivan.

Either way, do a thorough research on rental car companies. Rental providers have a huge selection of models and fairly affordable prices, so you will not be left with an empty wallet after a mini trip on a hired car.

Next, google where to stop along the way and what restaurants, gas stations and attractions are on the route. It is not necessary to plan everything to the smallest detail, but it never hurts to have an idea of what awaits you.

Estimating costs and drawing up a rough budget is also helpful. And for complete peace of mind, take out travel insurance. Suitable companies with high ratings can also be found in the search engine.

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Step #3. Write down the stops you can’t miss

While you’re learning the route details, make notes about all the interesting places you can drop by along the way. And don’t forget your camera.

Think about what cities, towns, sights and places you want to see. Generate your own route in Google Maps or other apps and mark these points on it. So it will be more convenient to make routes from one point to another and estimate the distance and time.

Step #4. Budget your trip

Fuel, snacks, overnight stays along the way, midnight sprees with friends in new cities. All this can significantly lighten the wallet, especially if the trip is longer than a couple of days.

How to study the conditions of the route and draw up a rough picture of a future trip, estimate the daily budget and try not to deviate from it – this will save you from unnecessary stress.

The main expense items in the road trip budget are car fuel and food. It’s great if you can grab a bite to eat at roadside cafes to support local small businesses.

Step #5. Make a playlist

In addition to your favorite music, there are several other solutions on the go. The first is to catch local radio stations along the way, which help you tune in to the right wave.

The second option is podcasts. This could be, for example, a podcast about the destination point or something educational. And the last cool option is to download audiobooks. You can listen to the entire series of Harry Potter novels while traveling and it will be just magical.

What to consider when traveling by car?

  • It will take more time than you expect.

Surely on the way you will get into a traffic jam, the car will go haywire, you will have to wait for an eternity in a cafe for an order – it’s better to lay time for all this in advance. 

  • Some ways will be boring.

Sometimes, to see the most incredible places, you need to drive past unremarkable ones for a long, long time.

  • Be prepared for surprises.

It’s naive to think that a road trip is an adventure without a hitch. Prepare in advance for the fact that the car will break down, the connection will be lost, a thunderstorm will begin and you will get lost.

From a more positive point of view, you need to prepare for pleasant surprises as well. There are plenty of chances of suddenly winding up to sights you didn’t plan to visit, making new friends, or stumbling upon a beautiful secret route you didn’t know.

We hope our advice will help you and your trip left a lasting impression. Good luck!