How to Build Your Brand? 4 Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

It might seem like all packaging is just packaging, but it can have a tremendous impact on consumers whether they realize it or not.

The packaging that is placed on products across different industries is one of the most essential aspects of that product. That’s where custom packaging comes into play.

1. Packaging Colours Have an Influence

Believe it or not, the colours that you use in your custom packaging can actually play a role when it comes to consumer buying decisions.

This is because our brains react to colours in a variety of ways. Those subliminal interpretations of the colours can make us lean one way or another.

Even different hues of a colour can have different meanings. This is why you need to decide not only on the message you convey, but how to articulate that through colour.

This can be one of the subtle reasons that a consumer is drawn to your product and can mean the difference between the success and failure of that product.

2. Another Form of Marketing

As you will come to learn, there are a variety of ways to market your product and your packaging is just another part of that.

Marketing is all about reaching that target audience, drawing them in to see what your product is all about, and then purchasing that product.

Your packaging is just another form of that marketing strategy.

Think of it as in-store advertising. The store is the last chance for the consumer to see your product and be swayed into buying it. That’s why brands that are easily recognized do so well: consumers see the packaging and are immediately presented with a familiarity.

Your packaging can work the same way. Being consistent with your design, putting your logo front and centre, not only helps familiarize your target audience with your product, it helps to create that brand recognition.

Speaking of brand recognition…

3. Brand Recognition

When it comes to the marketing of a product or company, brand recognition is a goal that every company strives for. To put it simply, it is trying to get the consumer to associate a specific product or service with that brand.

The reason that brand recognition is so important is because it creates an underlying sense of trust. When the consumer sees a brand they recognize, there is an inherent sense of trust involved.

They know that brand. They are comfortable with that brand. They don’t feel like they are taking any kind of risk with that brand.

Being able to garner that kind of recognition can associate your business with that product, leading to the infinitely valuable brand recognition that every company strives for.

4. It Differentiates You

Pick a market or industry anywhere and one commonality you will find is that it has a great deal of competition. This is the reality of business: several companies offer the same products and services just with different packaging.

It is that packaging that makes brands feel different when there might not be that big of a difference between them. Your packaging is your opportunity to separate yourself from the competition.

In a crowded market, that different packaging can make all the difference in the world. That’s why it’s important to create a list of criteria and find a reliable packager that can fulfill your orders.

Considering that one-third of a consumer’s decision making when considering a purchase centres on the product packaging, to say it has an impact is putting it lightly.

Finding that natural way to stand out is difficult, but it can put a company on a whole other level from the plethora of competition out there.