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Natural gas is an energy resource used in millions of homes. Finding the best source and price can depend on many personal factors and can take a bit of research on your part.

Keep reading to learn a few simple tips to help narrow down your search and know what to expect when finding the best source for your home.

1. Find Out What Natural Gas Services Are Available to You

Most locations have access to both retail natural and regulated gas services. It’s wise to take a relaxing time in your schedule and research the services available if you are moving, or are simply seeking a better deal for your gas service.

Not every retail natural gas company will provide service in your entire area. Take the time to know every natural gas service that gives you an option on pricing and customer service.

2. Have You Had Natural Gas Services Before?

Never having natural gas services in the past can make a huge difference in what company you can use. Many require you to first sign up with regulated services.

You’ll have to check with each retailer to know their stipulations ahead of a move or attempt at service change. You can always opt to change after your service is initiated. It can give you the time you need to research all of your options.

3. How Much of Your Home Uses Natural Gas?

The percentage of your home energy use that’s natural gas can help you determine the best route to go with your gas purchase.

Large homes using nearly all natural gas for heating, cooling, cooking, and water heating can benefit greatly from the deep savings often enjoyed with regulated service.

The source of your natural gas might not be as critical if you only use it for a water heater. It’s another important consideration to make if you plan any remodeling that converts to or away from natural gas appliances.

4. Determine How Flexible Your Utility Budget Is

Canada produces a large amount of natural gas domestically. It makes it one of the more cost-effective energy sources for home heating and cooking.

The price can rise periodically with regulated service, depending on increased demands, weather, and world events. A retail natural gas source will offer you a fixed price for a set period of time.

Knowing how flexible your utility budget is can help determine your best choice. You don’t want to find out that the money isn’t there if the price increases dramatically in the middle of winter.

5. Enjoy the Rewards of Regulated Services

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The price of natural gas can fluctuate from month to month. One of the biggest benefits of choosing regulated service is enjoying the lower prices when the market pricing drops.

You’ll feel immediate relief with a lower bill the following month. It can spike upwards in price, but this always tends to be a temporary increase due to excessive demand and harsh weather situations. The price generally returns to normal or lower quickly.

6. Are You Looking to Bundle Your Electric and Natural Gas Services?

One way to save a little money each month is to have your electric and natural gas services bundled into one bill.

Non-regulated retail sources of natural gas often offer savings on administrative fees if you bundle the services together. Regulated services cannot be bundled, but you can enjoy a smaller administrative fee without having to bundle the services together.

7. Are You Willing to Risk Being Locked Into a Service Contract

Obtaining natural gas service from a regulated source allows you to have the service without signing any contracts. Your price on the bill will reflect the current prices on the market. Retail natural gas sources will require you to sign a contract for a specified period of time.

You can sign a contract for fixed pricing, varied, or a combination of both. The problem with fixed pricing is you’ll never get the benefit of a sudden drop in market price.

You’re still obligated to pay the fixed, agreed-upon amount.

8. When Do Exit Fees Apply?

You never have to pay an exit fee with regulated natural gas services because you don’t sign a contract.

Retail natural gas sources will require a contract and charge an exit fee if you’ve had the service more than 10-days.

Some retailers do give you a 10-day non-fee out and allow you to exit the contract without penalty. You’ll need to explore the specific terms of your choice in retailer if this is an important issue for you and your family.

9. Take Advantage of a Strong Natural Gas Market

The pricing history of natural gas demonstrates it as a strong market that offers consistently low prices for general home use. It shows that you can reap many financial benefits by choosing regulated service through the abundant availability of natural gas on the domestic market.

You don’t have to feel bound by contractual obligations to get savings. The time has never been better to get the best prices for natural gas with a booming and progressive gas industry.

10. Regulated Service Providers Work Hard to Get the Best Prices

The way that regulated services and retailers set their pricing is different. A regulated service buys natural gas from the market, which means they will look for the best and most cost-effective choices.

Retailers base their pricing on what their sources for the natural gas charge as an average. They will place your price in a range that guarantees they make a profit margin, no matter what the price settles at on the market.

Natural gas has never been more affordable to use in your home than it is right now.

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