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Working can be rewarding but it also can take a lot out of you. If you’re a busy person and have a demanding job then it’s very important that you take some time for yourself at the end of the week.

Self-care and being kind to yourself will go a long way in helping you to return to work on Monday with a positive attitude and more energy. Instead of going out with your friends, consider doing activities that help you rejuvenate. Here are eight ways to relax and regroup after a long week of work so you can feel your best.

1. Unplug & Take A Nap

Start by unplugging from technology after a long week of work. Put your phone down or away and avoid jumping on your computer or laptop.

Give yourself some space to breathe and your eyes and mind rest from looking at a screen. You’ve likely been connected to technology daily at work and could use some distance from it.

Once you unplug you may realize just how tired you are and be ready for a nap. Put your feet up for a while and allow your mind and body to rest and yourself to drift off into a deep sleep if you feel like it, without feeling guilty.

2. Make Social Connections

You’ve likely been heads down at your job and with your work projects if you have a lot going on in your professional life.

While it’s good to be busy, it’s also in your best interest to maintain social connections and relationships with others to stay healthy and well.

You can have coffee with an old friend or engage in conversation with new people through chat line numbers, for instance.

Make social connections and nurture the relationships you do have as an opportunity to relax and regroup after a long week of work.

3. Go for a Hike in Nature

Get outside and spend time in nature to relax and regroup after a long week of work. Getting out of the house will feel good and you’ll enjoy engaging in some exercise.

Go for a hike outdoors and breathe in the fresh air and pleasant smells that surround you. It’s a chance to completely clear your mind and take pleasure in all the benefits that nature has to offer.

If you own a dog then consider taking them with you to keep you company. Otherwise, use your time hiking in nature to meditate and reduce the stress that’s been building up over the course of the week.

You’ll return home feeling happy and refreshed and ready to move on to something else.

4. Watch Movies or a TV Series

Use your weekends to watch movies or try a new TV series if you want to relax and regroup after a long week of work.

You can change into comfortable clothing and curl up on the couch for a truly calming experience. Make your favorite food or snacks and enjoy your time alone and being entertained without having to do anything but watch.

Be sure to take the time to read reviews from other viewers about shows or movies you’re considering watching so you can make sure you’ll like them and that they’ll be worth your time.

5. Meditate & Reflect on Your Goals

One of the best ways to reduce the stress and anxiety you’re feeling about your life or job is to plan ahead. Relax and regroup after a long week of work by meditating and allowing your thoughts and fears to pass through you without judgment.

Reflect on your current situation and life goals and begin to picture where you see yourself in the future. Visualize what you want out of life and then make a plan for how you’ll get from one step to the next.

It’s a very productive way to spend your time and will end up making you feel calmer once you’ve completed this exercise.

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6. Listen to Music or a Podcast

If you’re into music then you may want to think about turning some on after a long week of work. Music can instantly change your outlook and put you in a different mood depending on what you choose to listen to.

If you’re feeling wound up and anxious then think about turning on slower and more soothing music in the background or on your headphones.

If you prefer learning or taking in new information over music then consider putting on a podcast that you’ve wanted to hear but haven’t had the time to do.

Learning and taking in new knowledge will expand your mindset and perspective and make you feel happy and more confident.

7. Engage in a Hobby

You can relax and regroup after a long week of work by engaging in a hobby and doing something besides work.

Find something fun that you know you like to do or try a new hobby that you have been interested in attempting. Hobbies are a great way to fill your free time and weekends and will allow you to successfully balance your career and wellbeing.

There are many things that you can do by yourself or you can choose to socialize and engage with others through your hobby if you prefer to have some interaction.

Hobbies can reduce stress and boost your mood and you may feel proud if you discover new skills or talents you didn’t realize you had.

8. Cook Yourself Dinner

Even if you don’t think you’re a good cook or don’t do much cooking in general, cooking yourself dinner can be beneficial and relaxing.

Try a new recipe that interests you and challenge yourself to make it for yourself for dinner one night. Cooking can be mindful and it’ll be rewarding to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal that you prepared.

You’ll save yourself money and calories not eating out and will feel good knowing that you did something productive and healthy for yourself. If you’re feeling social or like connecting with others then invite a friend or love interest over and cook them dinner.