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If you know that you will have a few open positions at your company coming up over the next few months that you will need to recruit for, you might be wondering how you are going to organize everything.

Carrying out the whole recruitment process to find just the one new hire can be tricky enough and very demanding as it is. So imagine how it will be when trying to hire a whole host of new people for your team!

Well, there is one thing that you can do which should make the whole process a lot easier for your business to manage – you just need to host a recruitment day.

This is a day when any potential applicants can come and check out exactly what your business has to offer.

As they will find out a lot about the company, it will give people a better idea as to whether they would be a good fit or not. It should then help you narrow down applicants to only those who are serious.

Not only that, though, but it gives you the chance to meet people before applications are open. This way, you get to know everyone a lot more than what you would have done simply in an interview.

If you have never held such a day for your company before, you might not be sure where to start. Here are some top tips that will ensure you organize a really productive day for everyone involved!

Set The Date

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Firstly, think carefully about when you will actually host this event.

It’s best to have it during a period when you know your company is going to be quite quiet.

It is often best to get a few of your current employees on board to help with these recruitment drives. So you don’t want it to be during a time when they are busy and juggling many different deadlines.

You should also set this day just before you open applications on the jobs that you are looking to fill too. This way, anyone who has an interest in working for your company can come down and check out your company to make sure it is for them before they start their application.

Get As Many Current Employees There As Possible

I’ve already mentioned that you should try to get as many of your current employees to come and help you on the day as possible, and this will bring you so many benefits.

Just make sure that you hand out some lanyards so that everyone can wear a name tag. That will make them look a lot more approachable!

Once you have employees helping you out, you won’t be the only one to field questions.

Your employees can answer any questions that the possible applicants might have.

Not only that, though, but your current employees can explain their experience of working with the company. In turn, this should help people make a decision as to whether they should apply or not.

Organize Some Refreshments and Breaks

Another way to make your company come across as very welcoming is to ensure that you offer plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the event.

If it is going to be a full-day event, you might want to offer a buffet lunch as well. Don’t forget to also plan plenty of breaks between the talks and Q&A sessions so that everyone gets the chance to refresh.

This shouldn’t feel like a day at work for all your guests. Adding these extra hospitality touches will ensure that they don’t ever think that!

Give People a Chance to Ask You Questions

These kinds of events are a lot different to interviews as the focus is on potential applicants asking you questions about your company and what they can expect when working for you.

So, make sure that you are approachable on the day and that everyone who attends has plenty of time to ask you any questions that they might have on their mind.

Think About How to Best Promote It

You will need to promote this event to make sure that you get as many attendees as possible.

Social media will be a great tool for this. It’s also worth mentioning it in your usual email newsletters.

Once you start holding regular recruitment events when you do need to hire new talent, you will find that your overall recruitment process becomes a lot easier.

It really is worth planning these kinds of recruitment days!