How to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

Not to go all Hollywood dream story on you, but a great sales pitch can make or break a deal. It can even make or break your business.

If you’re at the end of your rope and you’re close to running out of operating capital, making a winning pitch can literally save your business from oblivion. That’s why small and medium-sized businesses want that entrepreneur flame to never be put out.

They want their sales teams to continually believe in themselves and the business, no matter how hard it gets.

The owner and or CEO, how can you help your sales team stay motivated and thinking clearly when they’re out on a pitch meeting?

It’s a bit nerve-racking at times not being in-person with them, but while they’re traveling around the country and flying abroad, you can help them from your office quite effectively. 

Different voices and expertise

Pitching is all about communication.

You can have a slideshow ready and waiting for the people who will be given the presentation, but effective communication of ideas is what will win them over.

It all starts with your own employees, who need to work together regardless of viewpoint and expertise. Egos must be left behind and total cooperation must be maintained while writing the presentation and speeches.

This is why you may benefit from having G Suite for your business email as it’s incredibly easy to take ideas you have discussed in your private messages into your presentation documents.

You can access your cloud storage anytime and anywhere. So, files can be implemented into the presentation by all members who have access to the documents.

Your sales team works best when all the individuals are allowed to share their expertise to improve the pitch.

Distribution in the pitch

As mentioned, sales teams must not have any egomaniacs in them. However, sales is a very competitive environment and having ego does help.

Ego is a tool that needs to be wielded like fire. Fire when left uncontrolled can burn the house down, but fire can also cook your meals. Ego is much the same.

Everyone in the group must have a role to play and feel comfortable playing it. When it comes to the pitch, everyone must be given a chance to shine.

A firm game plan will not have people stumbling over each other to talk.

Appointing a hierarchy based on competence is absolutely vital to your sales team. This means that employees in leading roles will not only organize the pitch and make it detailed, but they’ll manage other employees at the same time. 

Practicing to you

Using conference tools, you can have a sales team pitch to you at your remote location.

If a sales team is getting ready to pitch to an investor in Hong Kong, the team can pitch to you in Vancouver. You can make last-minute changes and give advice to members who are struggling.

Allowing everyone to include their expertise in the sales pitch is vital to their satisfaction and morale in the team. This is why G Suite is very helpful because it allows everyone to write or correct areas of the presentation while adding files from each of their devices.