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You want to succeed. You want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Whatever you set your mind to can be accomplished with the right circumstances and drive.

But for most people, attempt after attempt leads to failure. Those moments of messing up are exactly where we grow. So if you are pulling yourself up yet again, try these tactics and never give up!

1. Mental Health Before All Else

The grind can tear us down. Physical and mental exhaustion can take make just getting out of bed difficult. But there are some great solutions that can make a big difference.

There are plenty of other things you can do. For example, make sure you take breaks every once in a while, really take time for yourself to relax. Maybe take up a hobby that you can dedicate time to, which means you can settle your mind after a hectic day.

If things get extremely difficult, you may want to seek help from a professional, perhaps even see about potentially getting an Emotional Support Animal. Look up how to register an emotional support animal and partner with a furry friend who has the skills to be by your side even on your worst days.

Whatever you choose to do, take your time to make sure it’s doing you good.

2. Make a Schedule That Works For You

How many times have you seen the following schedule that ‘successful people’ follow:

4:00 AM Wake Up
4:00 AM — 5:00 AM Work Out
5:00 AM Cold Shower
5:00 AM — 6:00 AM Read New York Times cover to cover
6:00 AM — 7:00 AM Drink protein-rich liquid smoothie

And that’s before the workday even starts! Listen to this now: you will not automatically become a millionaire by waking up early, no matter how often that is preached.

Sleep deprivation is unhealthy and counterproductive. You can’t follow the routine of someone else and expect it to fit your body. If you need to work until midnight and then sleep until 10:00 AM, more power to you. 

You get it done, your way.

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3. Network, But Don’t Be a Robot

Establishing connections is a key way to expand your craft and meet other individuals who can help you on your path… well, kind of.

Other people don’t exist to help you on your path. Aggressive networking will only turn off others from wanting to collaborate with you. If your whole relationship with someone is based on wanting to get something from them, you’ve lost any opportunity for a long-term connection.

While they come few and far between, a real spark between two people can’t be forced through sharing LinkedIn accounts or passing business cards. Go for quality, not quantity, when it comes to your business.

4. See Everything Through

When you start a project, finish it. Even if you know it will fail, you will learn from the experience and be better for it. Failure has been proven to lead to success.

Push yourself to not give up on projects, and you will learn to budget and manage your time very quickly. The more you persevere, the clearer your goals becomes, and a new plan takes on a fresh shape every time you start again.


The one stereotype about success that still rings true is that there is no one path to take. There will be exponential forks in the road, which you will have to navigate, and there’s no time to contemplate the road you didn’t take. 

Keep going, learn, and define your own success. Following your passions and making a career out of your dreams will make you more satisfied than any lump sum of money.

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