tay daniels business owner interview

This is an interview with Tay Daniels of It’s Tay LLC.

Hey, Tay. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a 28-year-old Midwest living, iced coffee drinking, Jesus loving wife & mother. I am a multi-business owner who is extremely passionate about helping women live a life they not only love but are extremely proud of.

What was life like before being your own boss?

I started my business at age 23 so before that, life was very different. 

I had just left college where I studied Psychology with a minor in Law and cheerleading at my university while being a Head Cheer Coach at a high school not far from my hometown. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and NEVER thought I would be a business owner to one, let alone three businesses.

I left college because it just wasn’t for me and not long afterward, I got married and pregnant with my daughter.

I was working at a mental health facility and knew that I did not want to go back there after having my daughter. I wanted to be at home with her but still making money which is when I discovered the new up & coming freelance work-from-home job as a Virtual Assistant.

What made you take the risk to start your own business while you were pregnant? What were the first steps you took?

I ultimately just did not want to go back to my 9-5. I didn’t make money, I was not happy, and the thought of using my entire paycheck to pay for daycare made me feel sick.

So, I started googling endlessly on how to work from home which is when I found Virtual Assistant work.

I just used my shitty Toshiba to create a basic website & Instagram to put my services out there not thinking much would come of it. A few weeks later, I landed my first client who bought me not one, but two Mac computers (a desktop and laptop to work full-time for his business). I am still so grateful for him and his family taking me on and mentoring me while I built my business.

What made 2018 your toughest year and how did you come out of it stronger?

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was filing for divorce from my mentally & physically abusive husband all while raising a two-year-old and trying to grow a business enough to put a roof over our heads.

That year really taught me so much and proved to me just how strong I was. I knew if I could make it through that, I could do anything and I want to use my story to help other women who are or have gone through something similar.

Particularly, moms who are struggling with mom shame or guilt or feel like they don’t have the freedom in life to do what they want because they don’t make the money or enough money.

That year was the same year I bought my first place on my own for me and my daughter and I grew my VA biz into an agency!

What bold moves did you make to go ALL IN on your business during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, I made some of my first hires, hired my first business coach, and went all in on becoming a coach which ultimately led me to where I am today and truly helped me hone in on my purpose.

What companies do you run today and how do you help people?

We have three businesses:

  • It’s VA Tay, our Virtual Assistant Agency for wedding professionals
  • It’s Tay LLC, our Breadwinning Coaching Business for online female owned businesses
  • Brand with BuhTay, a business I started with my business partner, Miranda, where we host three-day in-person retreats for women to help them build an entire brand, including a photoshoot and custom wardrobe. Miranda is the CEO & Owner of Buhndi, her fashion line that is the custom line our clients go home with after the retreat!

What programs do you have now and who are they for?

We currently have three programs:

  • Side Hustle to Sold TF Out $27 Mini-Course
  • Brand Yourself Bootcamp Self-Paced Course
  • 12-Month Breadwinner Energy Academy

While all our programs are for female entrepreneurs with an online presence, we specifically work with moms who are ready to build a life and business they not only love but are extremely proud of.

They want the freedom to do what they want – spend more time with their family and children, work less and make more, and be the breadwinner in their family, all without feeling mom guilt.

Our dream clients have big goals and aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable, invest in themselves, and work with a mentor to get to the next level!

What does a successful launch look like for you?

A successful launch to me is a feeling. 

We of course have revenue numbers and student numbers we want to hit but more than that, it’s how we feel at the end of the launch.

Our best launch yet, at the end of the four days, I felt so ON FIRE like I put all my energy into it.  We had amazing responses and feedback, made amazing relationships and regardless of the outcome, we knew this was successful because of how we felt.

It was exhausting and draining but it wasn’t forced or desperate. It was meant to be that way, too.

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Tell us about your best month in business.

My best month in business was a 19k month, it felt amazing. 

I felt on top of the world but more than that, I finally felt like this was it; all the hard work, energy, and effort I had put in all these years were finally paying off and I had found my purpose.

How did you find clients in the early days?

My first client ever found me on Instagram and after that, I did a few cold pitching and emails and those clients then referred most of our next clients after that.

We built our entire agency on referrals with little to no social presence and zero ads!

How do you know when a client is a good fit?

I know a client is a good fit when their goals align with our outcomes, when I’m confident I can help them achieve what they are setting out to accomplish and their vision & values align with ours.

I will know immediately in our first conversation if it will be a good fit or not. We only work with women who are willing and ready to take the next level in their life and business.

When did you make your first hire and what did you outsource first?

My first hire was in 2018 when I hired subcontract VA’s for our agency.

The first hire for my team was a Marketing Manager in 2019 – all things marketing was my first hire which was a great learning experience at the time.

Who’s currently on your team and what are their roles?

I have my Marie! She is amazing – she is an integrator. She holds the role of my Executive Assistant + Project Manager but she is much more than that. I am super grateful to have her.

I also have Chelsea and Mel, our Social Sales Specialists, that help us create new relationships and nurture past relationships via social media!

What’s the most important thing about running a team?

The most important thing with running my team is helping them build and live a life they love, too.

They have the freedom to work from anywhere while helping us live out our mission of supporting other women!

How does a day in your life look like now?

Depending on the quarter, month, or week, my days can look very different. During our launch party weeks, my focus is on launching, showing up live, and creating amazing content for our community. 

During “off season” I am focusing on collaborating with other women in the community, running charity events to give back to women-owned businesses and non-profits, running our fun little team, and being a wife & mom!

What people, books, programs and other resources have helped you on your business journey?

Some of my favorite books have been You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero & Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima as well as my business mentors & coaches who have been nothing short of amazing in my journey.

What are some practices that help you stay on top of your game?

My morning routine before my daughter wakes up is soo essential to my daily life as well as meditation, journaling, yoga, & working out, in addition, a hot shower 2x a day to keep me sane haha.

What’s next for you and your business?

We are getting ready to launch our Breadwinner Energy Podcast and we are growing our team from 3 to hopefully 5-6 members over the next six months. 

My husband and I are currently looking into buying our first home and having more children, as well as helping at least 100 women become a breadwinner over the next year!