5 Smart Ways to Save Money Online

Do you need to send money online? There are many methods to transfer money online that are easy and extremely fast.

Certain services are free while others charge fees depending on your needs.

9 Services That Send Money Online 

There are many services that perform domestic money transfers. Some of the fastest online domestic money transfer services include: 

1. Venmo

Venmo provides a seamless way to transfer money through the use of email addresses or phone number.

Venmo is also integrated with phone contacts and Facebook, so you are able to see your friends, family, or coworkers that also use Venmo. Accepting mobile payments through Venmo is free.

Sending a payment through Venmo is also free if you use a linked bank account, debit card, or your Venmo balance. There is a 3% fee added to your payment if you do not meet the aforementioned criteria. 

2. Google Pay

Individuals with Google accounts can transfer funds through Google Pay.

After linking a bank account or debit card, you can send funds via email to anyone. Google pay also allows users to have a balance within their Google wallet that can be used in stores through the Google Pay card.

It is free to use google pay if you are sending funds through your linked bank account or your Google wallet balance. If you do not meet these requirements, Google pay charges a 2.9% fee per transaction. 

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3. Facebook Messenger

If you have a Facebook account, you can send funds to anyone else that has the Facebook Messenger app.

The payment system on Facebook Messenger requires that users add a debit card in order to send funds.

Transferring and receiving funds is free when using Facebook messenger. Keep in mind that it may take up to three weeks for your bank to process the funds received through Facebook messenger.

4. PayPal

PayPal is the most widely used service for transferring money online.

Paypal allows their customers to send money up to $10,000 in one transaction and transfer money internationally.

PayPal also supports more than 20 different types of currencies. PayPal only charges a fee if you are transferring money from your bank or debit card. Using your PayPal balance to send funds is free.

5. Square Cash

Square Cash is a free app and service that transfers money to anyone extremely fast.

You can send your recipient money and they can instantly deposit their Square Cash balance into their bank account. Transactions are always free on Square Cash. 

6. Dwolla

Dwolla allows you to send funds to anyone by using their phone number, email, or Dwolla Identification.

Dwolla requires that users link their bank account in order to transfer funds. Dwolla also allows users to pay thousands of individuals at one time through their service, MassPay. It is free to transfer funds through Dwolla. 

7. Western Union

Western Union allows for individuals to send funds online and in-store. They support both domestic and international fund transfers.

Western Union accepts payments through credit card (fee of $27), debit card (fee of $15) or bank account (fee of .99 cents).

Both debit and credit card transfers take up to three business days to clear. Bank account transfers take up to six business days to be complete. 

8. Zelle

Zelle is a service that allows for funds to be sent to a recipient within minutes. The money sent through Zelle is sent directly to the recipient’s bank account.

The service requires that you have a bank account linked in order to send funds. After you send the money to the recipient, the funds are instantly deposited into their bank account. 

9. MoneyGram

Moneygram allows individuals to send funds online or in select stores. The fee for sending funds online through MoneyGram starts at $4.99 and may increase based on the amount of funds sent and if the money is sent domestically or internationally. 

If you need to send money online, all of the services mentioned above are trusted by millions of users. Each service has its own unique offers, fees, and limits. Choose the service that best fits your needs.

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