Struggling to deal with too many issues at the same time can be daunting. It causes you to continuously live in the fight-or-flight response mode. That’s not healthy. You should immediately take some steps to get yourself out of this state.

So let’s start with your social interactions.

Is there a person among your friends that you consider a friend, but being around them sucks a whole lot of energy out of you? If so, cross this person out of your life. You can politely talk to them and explain the situation or you can just slowly start to ignore them. Whatever you feel up to.

Learn to say no to friends who don’t support and encourage you.

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Now for that phone of yours.

Put it aside. Turn off Facebook and Instagram notifications, you can check them all later.

At the moment, when you’re doing homework or writing a blog post or cleaning your kitchen floor, you are focused just on that one task. Notice how easier it becomes to complete work when you don’t have to answer a text message every five minutes.

Also, a good idea will be to unfollow the people who mostly share spam on social media. This will save you some time when looking through your news feed.

Moving to your home.

Get rid of everything that you haven’t used for a long time. Do some decluttering.

Repeat the following procedure at least once a year: look through your clothes, shoes, kitchenware, books, even some stuff for the memories.

Some of us tend to collect so many “memories” in forms of postcards, movie tickets, coins, etc., that they forget where it came from in the first place. Keep only the most important ones – throw the rest away immediately.

To save yourself from the morning stress prepare everything for the work day in the evening: pack your bag, plan your breakfast or even cook it beforehand, get the clothes ready.


In case you occasionally have unexpected trips, prepare an on-the-go kit that will include all the necessities like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

This way you will have everything handy if the boss sends you on a trip at this very moment.

Clear your mind.

To simplify your life organizing your home and your day will not be enough. You will also have to organize your thoughts. To maintain mental health try meditating for at least five minutes each day. And replace those negative thoughts of yours with positive ones.


Not many know this, but a good practice is to set aside 20% of your income for savings.


Binge-watching Netflix feels so good. No one will dare to deny it. But learn to watch responsibly: do all the things you’ve planned for the day and watch an episode after that. Yes, AN episode, not two or three! You still have to catch some quality sleep, remember?


You do have to set some goals for yourself. However, a great number of goals will only overwhelm you. Stick to just one or two. This should be enough.

And remember to stop multitasking! You will never get anything done if you do a hundred things at a time.

What about you? What other ways to simplify your life have you tried?

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