How Being Smart with Your Finances Can Help You Live a Luxury Life 116

How Being Smart with Your Finances Can Help You Live a Luxury Life

Most people I know think they have no chance of adding some luxury into their life without changing their financial situation drastically.

But most of these people are average. And whoever’s average, also believes they can’t start a business, can’t do what they love, don’t need to learn anything after school, and that you can’t really rewire your brain for success.

If you’re a fan of making permanent changes, if you have a vision and are determined to get closer to it, if you’re tired of living this standard of life that you have now and are ready for a more luxury life and believe you deserve it, then you’re on the right path.

What you need to do is hack your current finances and just live a bit more strategically. Eventually, you can have anything you want and design the exact lifestyle of your dreams, without any help from others or winning the lottery.

Here are some tips:

1. Define what a luxury life looks like to you.

Success and happiness are different for anyone.

Of course, most people out there go with what society wants them to achieve, so they have the same goals and aspirations as anyone else in the crowd.

But if you let go of that and try to truly answer some serious questions about your current situation honestly, you’ll see that what you want is different and you never actually defined it clearly. Well, now’s a good time.

You are allowed to wish for anything your mind can create. But don’t overdo it. Make sure you really want every element of this picture you’re drawing in your head now. Otherwise, you’ll end up reaching a goal that has nothing to do with your real values or objectives.

Having a yacht might seem cool when it’s Instagram celebrities you’re checking out daily. But is it something that will make you contented? Would you be able to just sit in it, enjoy the view, and be happy with things the way they are? Or will you want to change something else that doesn’t fit that vision then, and thus be on a quest to never reaching this luxury life you’re chasing?

So take your time. Be a visionary, but make sure every little detail from that vision is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

2. Seek quality.

Be careful not to go for the fake type of quality, there’s plenty of it out there.

If you’re gonna do this right, let’s keep it real.

For a start, seek quality in daily life starting today.

Go for walks in the good neighborhoods of your city. Get a bike/scooter or walk if that’s an option, so you can exclude public transport from your life.

Go to quality places for food and drinks, but don’t consume too much there. Be more for the atmosphere, the people, the classiness.

Read quality books too. Drink tea while doing it.

Say no to going out with friends if it’s in the old trashy local places where you’ve always been. You need a shift in the mindset now so don’t ever go back there.

3. Appreciate the luxury that’s already there.

How to Stay Healthy Throughout Your Busy Life

People wrongly assume that luxury can be bought. While it may seem so because of what rich people are doing and how they are spending their money,  it’s actually more about comfort and elegance.

Meaning, it’s an attitude towards life. And while it’s easier to develop it while hanging out with people already living the luxury life, you can start today by welcoming any form of appreciation of beauty in your routines.

That means including quality music and preferring that together with some moments of silence, rather than watching Netflix.

It means visiting museums and galleries to see and feel history and art. That changes you in many ways if you do it often enough.

Eat good food at home and experience every bite. Take more time to prepare your meals, and bring some new rules to the table to make it feel like a special occasion each time you’re there.

4. Make big purchases, one at a time.

For a luxury life, you’ll eventually redecorate your home.

Might mean moving to a bigger place, getting furniture that will change the whole atmosphere, investing in art, getting a second car, finally putting some resources to make your garden look good, or else.

All that can happen over time, though. Don’t be in a hurry.

There are many smart ways to raise the standard of the place your live in for no money, but with creativity and some effort.

Together with that, make sure you keep it clean and organized. Going for minimalism is never a bad idea.

Start with the small things after that. Get better bedding, choose a more elegant color for your walls and make sure the product you use is quality, turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary with the right small purchases, get your curtains designed specially for your interior.

Make some changes to the furniture and its positioning so that the bedroom and living room can look more spacious. Lightning plays a big role too.

You’ll feel much better there too once all that is done.

During that process of renovation on a budget, however, you’ll be saving for the big things you’re secretly dreaming of.

After taking months to come up with the money without touching your monthly budget, and making sure the decision for buying the item sticks and you really want it, in the end you’ll be able to appreciate it even more.

If a fireplace is what your living room was missing, going to Westland antique marble fireplaces and getting a new addition to your luxury life is the way to go.

As you can see a higher standard of life can become your habit. It’s not something you do overnight by emptying your bank accounts, as many people assume.

It’s more of a journey towards slowly getting to a more luxurious state of mind, which will eventually change your reality too.

So, where can you start to be closer to living the luxury life soon?

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How I Made $375 with One Article as a Freelance Writer on Clear Voice 6

clear voice review How I Made $375 with One Article as a Freelance Writer on Clear Voice

There are many sites for freelancers where anyone can build their portfolio, pitch clients and earn money. If you’ve been following my monthly income reports, you know that half of my income comes from sponsored posts on Let’s Reach Success while the other half is from freelance writing.

I’m mainly earning through Upwork which is a great website for newbies and a place where I managed to become a Top Rated freelancer.

However, they don’t pay much, there are a lot of freelancers from cheap countries there who’d charge just a few dollars per hour (or for a few thousand words). That means low-quality clients come there too and it’s hard for me to meet my hourly rate with businesses and individuals who don’t have a budget for content creation.

That made me look for better platforms and sites for freelance writers that pay more. I will be writing about all of them soon. While they aren’t for newbies, it never hurts to create your profile there when you’re starting out and slowly build your portfolio. Because one day you’ll get found on them and they will pay you hundreds of dollars for a single article.

My years of hard work paid off in a new way this month. I made $375 for a 2000-word article (that I enjoyed writing and which didn’t take more than 2 hours to complete). That happened on Clear Voice.

Let’s talk more about that site and how you too can get paid what you deserve.

Freelancing is the best way to get started online. That’s what I did and began without experience. Now, I’m earning over $4,000/month blogging and freelancing as you can see from my lastest income report. I wrote down all the steps I took to get there starting from $0 and created a blueprint: the free course How to Make Money Online Freelancing:

Check out How to Make Your First Money Online Freelancing. A free course I created using Teachable that will help you get your online business start and earn your first dollars from home by offering your services as a freelancer.

What is Clear Voice? isn’t the traditional site for freelancers. It’s a great marketplace where you just create a profile, showcase your work (they have their own CV portfolio feature) and get found.

While you might not receive job opportunities when you haven’t been freelancing for long, it’s worth being there while improving your personal brand as a freelancer.

Of course, the best way for that to happen (which is how I did it too) is to have your own blog. Let’s Reach Success had hundreds of articles on it before I signed up for Clear Voice. So it served as my ultimate portfolio.

If you haven’t set up a site yet, I suggest doing it now.  Here’s how to start a blog that will make money forever (not just by helping you land freelance clients).

The best thing about Clear Voice is that it gives access to quality brands, companies and individuals. As you know, in the blogging world it’s all about networking. But with sites like Upwork, that’s hard.

Big brands are elsewhere and Clear Voice is one example.

How Clear Voice Works for Freelancers

Clear Voice is all about content marketing and can connect creators with agencies and brands. But for the purpose of this post and all of you who are freelance writers and want to get paid more for your services, we’ll talk about how it works for us.

Their goals are to help freelancers showcase their best work, find high-quality clients, get paid what they deserve, build their brand, receive payments quickly, and secure better jobs.

If you think about it, these are all the things we struggle with on other platforms, especially those that include bidding.

Okay, let’s see how Clear Voice works.

For a start, it’s absolutely free to sign up and create your portfolio as a freelancer so go do it now.

From then on, you’ll receive an email with a notification whenever you have a writing opportunity. If it sounds like something you’d do, click the link in your email and hit ‘Apply’ next to the job description.

clear voice email notifications

The rate you see is what you’ll earn after Clear Voice fees (which are around 25% and high but still you get paid much better than expected).

My Experience with Clear Voice Over The Years

Now, let me tell you how I received $375 from Clear Voice, because I myself didn’t believe it until the money arrived to my PayPal account.

clear voice payment

I’ve been registered with Clear Voice for a long time now. Because I’m making changes to my online business (focusing on more quality work and clients, charging more, eliminating old activities, etc.), I was also updating my profile on sites that had potential to get me freelance work.

It’s hard to put the effort when you haven’t landed a job with a certain platform, but I did it anyway.

I’ve been receiving email notifications from Clear Voice for job opportunities but never took them seriously (although I did apply to some).

After updating my profile and adding a ton of my best articles in my portfolio, I applied for one assignment on the topic of relationships. I could see who the client was, trusted Clear Voice for handling payments, and also thought it’s worth giving it a try to see if I can make my first money there.

There are instructions (not too long) with each assignment and you see when you’ve been hired for it. You can always contact support or message the client there, which is great.

Once he reviews it, or after the end date for the completion of the article is over, you receive your money.

Actually, while I was waiting for that client to react (he didn’t get back to me, by the way, but I still got paid as the Clear Voice system clears payments even if the client disappears), I applied for another assignment that seemed like a good fit for me. I wrote an article on how to start a business blog for one brand. It was for around $120 and was 800 words. They paid me immediately.

But the point of this post is to share the case about the other article. It’s not about the $375. It’s about believing freelance writers can make nearly $400 for one task thanks to their reputation in a niche for years.

It’s a common fact that freelancers underprice themselves. It took me years to find the courage to stop doing that and say ‘no’ to clients.

That resulted in doubling my blogging income, which I’ll write about more soon.

Once I got paid $375 for one article for a freelance client, I finally felt appreciated. For years I’ve been struggling with clients reluctant to pay more than $30 for a short article or an hour of my time. And to this day I accept lower rates just because the income of a freelancer is unstable.

This gig, however, helps me rethink it all. Just like when I made $250 from one sponsored post, I stopped accepting anything less than $50 and often ask for up to $100. That means rejecting many opportunities that could make me a few hundred dollars more each month. But thanks to these higher prices I get more serious clients and also increase my income.

PS, Clear Voice did a survey on what people pay or charge per project. You can check it out here.

What It Takes to Get High-Quality Freelance Clients on Clear Voice

Sign up now.

Fill in your profile and portfolio. Here’s how mine looks like.

clear voice portfolio lidiya k

Check out emails from Clear Voice. (It’s okay if the first one arrives weeks after signing up.)

Create your blog and start writing content like crazy in the niches you cover.

Next Level Tips for Succeeding on Clear Voice

Keep updating your portfolio.

Don’t apply for an assignment simply because of the money. It’s not fair.

Feel free to contact support and see how you can get found by clients sooner.

Here are some resources to help you with making it as a freelance writer on Clear Voice:

Make Your First Money Online Freelancing [Free Course] – I created a free course sharing my journey to making more than $4,000/month blogging. It all began with freelancing and you can use this course to follow the steps I took to become a freelancer with no experience and earn my first income online.

How I Became a Location Independent Freelance Writer Want to use freelancing as a way to ditch the 9 to 5 and be location independent? Great. That’s what I did. Check out this article to see the steps I took to build a new mindset, start making money online, leave my country and design the life I want.

How to Start a Profitable Blog – This step-by-step guide to starting a blog is a must for everyone who wants to start earning online and become self-employed. Having your own blog is the first step to building your personal brand as a freelancer.

Blogging Resources – To build a powerful site that turns visitors into buyers and monetize it well, you will need the right tools. In my Blogging Resources page, I’ve gathered the best of the best and the exact tools I’ve used to grow Let’s Reach Success and be able to make a full-time living as a freelance writer.

My Monthly Income Reports – If you’re curious how I make a living online, check out my income reports. I publish these monthly and share all the numbers together with the lessons I learned and the new things I’m working on.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – The income from freelancing is unstable so it’s worth diversifying it. One of the best ways to earn more is through affiliate marketing (it can happen by placing links on your blog, through Pinterest, your newsletter, or else). This step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course shows you how to increase your affiliate income and make more money blogging. It’s by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month (and also the first online course I’ve ever taken).

Pin this post to inspire others to create profiles on more sites for freelancers like Clear Voice.

Just got paid nearly $400 for writing one article for a freelance client. Learn how this happened and see my Clear Voice review to take your freelance writing to the next level and get paid more: #freelancer #freelancewriting #clearvoice