If you have been in a career for a while now, and even if you’ve only been doing what you’ve been doing for a short amount of time, then you are likely to want to make a plan for the future.

Do you see yourself in this career for the rest of your life? Or do you plan to move on or work up the career ladder in what you are already doing?

One thing you need to do to see where you are at with things is look at how you see your work day.

If you are just going through the motions until it is home time on a Friday, then you aren’t working with the right attitude for success.

In this competitive day and age, you do have to go the extra mile in your career, in order to show that you have what it takes. But what does ‘going the extra mile’ really look like? Here are some ideas to think about.

Work Closely With Your Boss

There are several reasons to work closely with your boss.

For starters, it helps you to learn from them, if you are planning on working your way up the career ladder. But it also helps you to succeed, if you are part of their success journey too.

If you have a role in helping your boss to do well, then you are going to do well too.

So don’t underestimate the value of working closely with your boss, in order to help your career.

Further Education

For some career paths, there comes a time when you may have to accept that in order to do better and succeed, you need to go back to school or do some online training to be able to take your career to the next level.

It could be that you’re a registered nurse, but want to develop further and have more opportunities. In that case, completing something like an online RN-BSN degree could be just what you would need.

Of course, the training and education you will need will be industry specific. So do your research to check what would be best for you to study.

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Be Proactive

In any walk of life, if you wait around for people to tell you to do things, then it can mean that you quickly become expendable.

They could get anyone to follow commands, right? So be proactive, and take the lead or use your initiative on things.

Don’t rush into things, unless you are confident, but equally, don’t hang around waiting for others.

If there is something that you can do, then do it. Be proactive is what makes a great leader, and can help to make a great career for you.


I don’t think that anyone likes bad news (it is called bad news after all). But what more people dislike is when people are not honest or upfront about things and when they’re not told from the start that there is something wrong.

So be honest, and deal with issues as and when they arise. It is easier to find solutions sooner rather than later.