Nowadays, the word “stress” is normally heard from anyone around us. It’s nothing new. Stressors can be related to business, finances, career, family, health, love life or a combination of some or all of these.

Believe it, stress is actually a part of our daily lives now because it’s natural and unavoidable. However, if it’s not properly managed or addressed, stress can be detrimental to a person’s life which can impose great sufferings usually manifested through an ailment or a person’s behavioral conditions.

Although inevitable, the good news is that stress can be prevented or at least minimized through some situations that are controllable by you.

Yes, you heard it right. You can control stress. How? Pay attention to some stress-relieving ways which will eventually make your mind, and even your body, healthier.

1. Manage your time.

Time is one of the top causes of stress.

You hurry because you are late at school or work, you have a deadline to meet, a flight or date to catch up, or an emergency appointment with your doctor. But at that very moment, you’re in the middle of the street, in a taxi, stranded in traffic.

To stay away from stress, go to school or work earlier than usual. Decide which things are urgent and what can wait. Complete what needs to be done tomorrow but can be finished today.

Good time management surely makes your life easier, more meaningful and less stressful.

2. Simplify things with a to-do list.

If you’re that person who keeps forgetting activities and appointments, a To-Do list is a sure way to organize your tasks and simplify the things you just keep in your mind.

A conventional way to do this is through writing upcoming activities on paper. But the most modern way is to put it in the reminders or calendars of your gadgets.

So, instead of being burdened with thinking what you might have missed, a To-Do list will help you to always be reminded, updated and hence, more productive.

3. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is a necessary human function: it recharges your brain and body.

In various studies, it has been proven that sleeping aids in the recovery of your body from a day’s stress.

When you’re tired, you are prone to act illogically and gets more agitated, which are the precursors of stress.  The quality of your sleep is a factor to start the day with a positive thought and get through it unstressed.

4. Exercise regularly.

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Regular exercise helps to keep your blood flow and your organs in shape. It is also directly related to how your body produces endorphins which are natural painkillers. This, in turn, reduces stress.

Researchers say that one of the best ways to produce endorphins is fishing.

Fishing provides an escape from the daily routine and gives you the time to meditate and search for peace in natural surroundings.

5. Choose a healthy diet.

Eat foods that give you energy like apple, banana, oatmeal, salmon, and others. There are also foods that are known direct stress-relievers such as avocado, milk, oranges and spinach. When going to a healthier diet, limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking.

6. Always be positive.

Do not overthink.

Negative thinking will trigger your body’s stress response which is then manifested by your actions. Staying positive always will help you see things in another perspective which will let you respond appropriately to some stressful situations.

7. Stay focused but be flexible.

No matter how perfectly you plan something, there’s always a chance that something will pop up which can possibly take control of the situation.

You get worried that things might not unfold how you plan it to be. But don’t fret. The answer to that concern is to be flexible and learn to adjust to the situation. This way, you take the stress away from ruining your day.

8. Always trust yourself.

Difficult situations can come to you and at times, it can alter your objectives. Do not get discouraged. Always trust yourself and your instincts that you can get through the day.

Random changes will only confuse you at the beginning. But by trusting yourself and your capabilities even more, you’ll get back on track.

9. Stay away from demanding people.

There’s always a reason to note that you cannot please everybody. Some people are just very demanding, hard to get along with and make things complicated for you.

These people are stressors in real life because they are uncontrollable, rude, and will always make things hard for you. If you have these types of people in your surroundings, stay away from them. But if they are your loved ones, talk to them in a polite manner and resolve the indifference.  

10. Be honest. Ask for help.

“No man is an island”, as the saying goes. When the pressure is on, it is okay, to be honest, to seek help from your family, friends or colleagues. Do not be afraid to think that this diminishes your credibility. The comfort of being with friends and family is superbly different than being alone.

I guess right now, you might be in a stressing situation. Stop whatever you’re doing, slowly count from one to ten, breathe in and breathe out. Do this until you’re relaxed and the pressure is gone.

Remember that stress can be anywhere. To actually shake it off is just a matter of how you handle yourself in times when stress comes your way.

About The Author

This article was written by Rik Flaxman.