10 Things That Make Maui a Tropical Paradise

Maui is a part of Hawaii and has an incredibly interesting ecology, history and culture. It is the second largest island in the state and is considered to be one of the best getaway islands in the world.

This place experiences glorious warm weather throughout the year with a hint of the breeze from the trade winds to keep the patrons refreshed.

The island’s mountains are blanketed by the lush palm trees, and the golden beaches are flanked by the luxurious five-star resorts. The tropical surroundings with the serene beaches make the visit to Maui an unforgettable experience.

Here are a few reasons to plan a vacation here.

1. Drive on The Road to Hana

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The spectacular view of Maui’s coastline can be experienced by driving on the scenic Hana highway.

This path twists through the lush rainforests and goes past the cascading waterfalls lining the island’s eastern shore.

For folks who love driving, a car can be hired in Kahului which is the starting point of the trip. This serpentine road of several hairpin curves and narrow bridges spreads for about 100 kilometers between Kahului and Hana.

Travelers will encounter several interesting spots along the way like the Twin Falls, Garden Of Eden (where a few scenes of Jurassic Park were filmed), Red Sand Beach etc.

2. Sightseeing by Helicopter Tour

The parts of the island which are unreachable by boat, foot or car can be enjoyed by the various helicopter tours in Maui.

Most of the operators offer tours of Hana and Haleakala, and West Maui and Molokai. Some of them even offer hour-long tours of the entire Maui island.

The stunning aerial views of craters, cliffs, waterfalls and valleys can be witnessed through these tours, making for a unique experience.

3. Exploring The Underwater Life

The lives beneath the surrounding Pacific Ocean floor can be explored with the help of a scuba mask or a snorkel. Intricate corals, school of colorful fishes, sea turtles and other aquatic creatures can be appreciated around the island’s reefs.

Almost 250 different species of fish are found at the Molokini diving spot, which is the most popular diving site of Maui.

Other diving sites which must be explored are the Kaanapali Beach, Ulua Beach and Honolua Bay.

4. Sailing and Cruising Experience

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The experience of sailing into port on Maui via a spectacular cruise ship is truly exhilarating. Kahului and Lahaina are the two ports of Maui island. Visitors can choose from a variety of exciting shore excursion activities.   

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5. A Swim in The Seven Sacred Pools

Haleakala National Park houses a set of seven sacred pools with cascading waterfalls, famously known as the Ohe’o Gulch. These pools are worth a swim.

Although there are a total number of 24 pools, it continues to be known by the name coined in the 70s.

The lower pools can be accessed easily after crossing a walking trail of half a mile. Beautiful tropical foliage with banyan trees can be seen while walking along the trail. These pools are generally closed after heavy rains on the upper slopes.

6. Golfing

Travelers who love golfing and prefer vast green spaces to beaches will find several places in Maui to put their clubs to good use.

Maui houses 14 golf courses which are highly acclaimed. Some of these golf courses are conceived by pro designers such as Ben Crenshaw and Arnold Palmer.

The most recommended golf courses of this area are Wailea’s Gold, Emerald, and Old Blue courses and Kapalua’s Bay and Plantation courses.

While playing golf, the patrons can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Maui’s volcanic formations and coastline.

7. Entertaining Luau

For first time visitors to Maui, it is highly recommended that they devote at least one evening to this Luau to know more about the rich Hawaiian culture.

Lahaina’s Luau is the most famous luau out of all, as they stick to Hawaiian tradition.

The famous Hawaiian delicacies such as Kalua Pua’a, Poi and fresh Mahi-Mahi can be relished while enjoying the hula and fire dance performances by talented artists. This event is organized along Lahaina’s waterfront.

8. Maui Ocean Center

Visitors interested in learning about the Hawaii underwater ecosystems must visit this place.

Maui Ocean Center is an underwater aquarium covering a vast area, offering many ways to get up close and personal with the underwater aquatic creatures.

It includes a touch pool and a huge glass tunnel beneath the deep ocean which houses more than 2,000 fishes. The folks here can catch a glimpse of everything from sharks to stingrays to sea turtles.

9. Hiking in Iao Valley State Park

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Adventure freaks who want to experience something other than the beaches of Maui can explore the numerous famous hiking trails in Iao Valley State Park.

This 10-mile long park is located in Central Maui, featuring striking rock formations and verdant landscape.

Many of these trails lead to or offer a splendid view of the Iao Needle. Which was formed due to erosion and now appears green, dressed in the island’s tropical foliage.

The 0.6 mile Iao Needle Lookout Trail is the most popular trail here. The paved walkways take the hikers through a botanical garden.

10. Shopping

Lahaina is a well-known place in south Ka’anapali housing famous artists and shopping strips. Local artisans create and sell ceramics, handcrafted woodwork and jewelry here.

On Friday nights, the galleries of this region throw open their doors to the public, welcoming them to view the work of many talented artists and interact with them.

Another famous destination for shopaholics is Wailea which houses more than 70 boutiques and shops selling everything from Billabong and Rip Curl to Gucci and Prada.

Events such as Maui Film Festival and February Whale week are hosted by Wailea.

Needless to say, Maui fuels every traveler’s wanderlust by offering the most scenic and rejuvenating surroundings with vast spaces of tropical greenery.

With such extraordinary views and the many fun-filled activities, Maui is indeed a very appealing destination for a vacation for visitors of all age groups.

Maui is a very appealing destination for a vacation for visitors of all age groups. Here are some of its extraordinary views and activities. #maui #travel #worldtraveler #tropicalislands #hawaii