7 Things You Should Do When Traveling For Work

It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
Steve Jobs

Life is way too short for all the things we don’t enjoy and the stuff that doesn’t get us closer to our goals. It’s time for elimination.

Here are 9 things you should remove from your daily life in order to have time for what matters:

1. Sleeping.

Most people sleep more than they need too.

I’m all about waking up earlier. Not only because the morning is the most inspiring part of the day, but it’s also an ideal time to get things done.

Productivity is usually at its highest levels in the first hours of the day.

What’s more, this way you make your day longer and have extra hours to spend on things that are important to you.

2. Dreams.

No time for that. That’s why I decided to replace dreams with plans. It’s not that hard to do it.

This way you’ll know exactly what you want and will be going after it every day. That will give your life purpose and your days meaning. With them, come peace and satisfaction.

3. Unimportant tasks.

There are probably inessential items on your to-do list.

Brian Tracy says that one of the worst uses of our time is doing things that don’t need to be done at all.

Use his ABCDE technique to assess each task and decide which ones to remove:

A  – very important (must be done);

B – important (should be done);

C – important but not as A and B;

D – delegate (can be done by someone else);

E – eliminate.

4. People who don’t respect you.

Even if you love someone, without any respect and desire from the other side there won’t be a healthy relationship. Be it only a friend, you can be chasing him all your life and try to make him like you more, but he just won’t be interested.

Toxic people like that can be spending time with you daily, but if they don’t care about you, support you and are ready to help, then walk away.

5. Things you suck at.

If you’re really bad at something, stop trying. Move onto something that comes to you more naturally.

For example, I started making money online thanks to freelance writing, but soon realized that blogging is my thing. Now I’m a full-time blogger and this allows me to live anywhere.

6. Things you’re not passionate about.

Nothing is worth getting done if there’s no passion involved.

When people do try, though, they usually end up with things like bad books or music, unhappy clients, a software with many bugs, etc.

Leave that to those who enjoy doing these and move onto something you’re good at. Contribute to the world by creating amazing products, offering valuable services, and putting your heart and soul into every activity in your day.

7. Your phone.

Stop going on your phone all the time. It’s a habit we all develop once we begin using a smartphone.

Go through the apps on your phone and start uninstalling those that only make you feel bad about yourself or anxious due to comparing your life to those of others.

Unfriend people you no longer have anything in common with and unfollow those who don’t motivate you in any way.

8. The past.

No point in reliving past situations. Don’t carry that burden with you in your future. Focus on this moment instead. Enjoy it, be mindful and experience it.

9. Bad books.

If you’ve started a book that everyone recommended to you but which gets worse with every page, leave it. Life’s too short for that.

Be selective when it comes to things like that. Tell people directly that you don’t like it and instead recommend a few you enjoyed.

Don’t feel obliged to complete bad movies – or projects in general – too. Not everything needs to be finished. Your time will be better spent doing something else.

What do you think? What else do you think wastes our time that we do daily?