We’ve often heard that time changes everything.

But does it really?

Is that the reason why you haven’t seen some of your best friends for months, or is it that you never found the right moment to call them?

Is it time’s fault that you’ve been at the same position for years and are still saying that promotion is just around the corner? Or is it your lack of initiative, never going the extra mile and showing that you’re the perfect candidate for it? And even you never saying out loud that you want the job?

The Things We Like to Blame on Time

We use time as an excuse. And not only in this case.

We also blame it for never being enough, although it’s us that haven’t acted quickly or haven’t stayed consistent.

The proof is that some people get more done in 24 hours than others in a week.

We blame it for not coming in the right moment. But if you think about it, time is always around us in one way or another, but where were you at that moment when action needed to be taken?

We blame it for making us wait so often, but it’s us who choose to do that. I know people who never wait, simply because there’s always something to be done.

We blame time for not being able to help us, when we’ve lost someone for example. But it’s us not doing anything to let go of the grief, not meeting new people to feel alive again, and just letting the emptiness take control over us without doing anything.

The One Thing That Has The Power to Change It All

It’s not about time.

It’s all about action. Whether you’ll act now, or you’ll do nothing.

Here are some examples:

  • not spending your life with your soulmate may be simply because you never went to talk to him/her when you first met and knew there was something special;
  • success itself is a result of actions, specific ones that are taken daily;
  • feeling inferior to anyone is a consequence of you never speaking up, never expressing opinion and showing that you’ve got rights too;
  • being part of the crowd means just following the mass, doing what they do – which is not action, it’s just unconsciously going through your days and living in your comfort zone;
  • not having the amount of money you want means you’re not taking risks, not working your ass off, not trying new stuff;
  • often employers are not looking for the most qualified and educated worker, but for the one who just goes to them and lets them know he wants the job and is ready to go beyond average;
  • even more often can we see cases of students who don’t study that much, but have better grades, are given more opportunities and are respected by professors. And that’s simply because they’re initiative, show up every time, make connections, take chances, think of ideas and share them, attend events, etc.

All these arguments make sense, right?

The only thing that doesn’t is us expecting to see improvement while doing the things we’ve always done and waiting for chances instead of noticing and grabbing them.

And time is just an excuse.

Whenever there aren’t any people around, bad stuff hasn’t happened recently or life doesn’t seem unfair, people choose to blame time. It’s just easier this way. It gives them comfort – they keep living the same way without doing anything, and yet don’t feel guilty and are sure it’s not their fault.

But it is.

Luckily, blaming, faults, mediocrity – these are all things we’re not born with.

It’s our individuality we need to nurture.

All the goals in life are waiting for us to achieve them, the best job and education are out there for us, great people are walking this planet and we may end up spending our life with any of them, because we’re worthy of love and respect.

A tiny action is what’s needed. For a start. And then you’ll have the momentum.

Most importantly, whenever things don’t go according to the plan, you aren’t satisfied with your life, or don’t see any progress, you’ll know it’s just you not taking enough action.

Have you ever blamed time for anything you don’t like in your life? Did it help?