I’m a big fan of learning foreign languages and believe everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime. There are a ton of benefits of being bilingual, and most of them go beyond just practicing the language when visiting the country.

I now want to discuss the reasons to learn German and the surprising benefits you’ll gain if you decide to start now.

Let’s explore the importance of learning the German language and how exactly it can help you with your skill set, business, education, and more.

Why Learn German

Most English speakers who never gave learning a new language a chance might be having questions such as:

  • Is German or Spanish easier to learn for English speakers?
  • Can I learn German on my own?
  • Can I do it in a year or less?
  • Is it hard to study German?
  • How can learning German help me with my career?

And more.

The following list of reasons to learn this West Germanic language will help you take a decision whether this is the right step for you.

1. German is an important language.

Let’s begin with the fact that it’s a popular language, widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, parts of Belgium, and more.

It’s one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world, with close to 230 million people speaking it.

It’s also known that it has the biggest number of native speakers in the European Union.

2. Get a taste of the culture.

If you’re thinking about studying German, you’re obviously interested in the culture.

Every city in Germany has a unique atmosphere, their cuisine is special, and their traditions and celebrations are something you need to experience. But to truly understand a culture and become part of it, you’ll need to learn their language too.

3. Boost your resume with a new language.

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Once you learn German, adding it to the language field in your CV can make a big difference.

For a start, knowing a second language (and preferably having a certificate to prove it) says a lot about you as a person. You’ve decided to invest time in that, stayed consistent, and have put some effort and focused work into it.

Then, that puts you one step ahead of other candidates who aren’t speaking this exact language. And when there’s nothing else to brag about and the employer is about to take a decision, this can be the reason you land a new job.

But due to the importance of Germany and the many companies that do business outside of it, you can catch the attention of a promising employer with that special skill.

For example, learning German can lead to working with a company from Switzerland, or a German one but remotely.

One of the reasons to learn German is the variety of job opportunities that can come out of it. You can’t be sure what will come your way, but building this new specific skill is guaranteed to give you benefits.

4. It makes you smarter and more creative.

Learning a foreign language helps you solve problems more creatively.

Also, you’re exercising your brain quite a lot when using more than one language, and that builds skills you can use in other areas of life.

Your overall brain functions will be improved, and you’ll notice progress in your cognitive skills too.

5. Do better business.

If you’re a small business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone looking to establish a business in a foreign land, then you know how important networking is.

Well, the moment you understand the reasons to learn German and give it a try, you’ll gain the respect of international companies in your industry.

At networking events, you can approach important figures in their language and form connections. If you hand your business card and then follow up, each such meeting can lead to future collaborations.

Fluency in a language like this also makes you a global businessman. That shows people you’re open-minded, interested in other cultures, a person with hobbies, and a lifelong learner. All these are key traits of an entrepreneur.

Final Words

Now you know the benefits of studying a foreign language, and how many new doors this can open for you. Which of the reasons to learn German is your favorite?