From an Underpaid Service Provider to a Course Creator

Today is a special episode. I’ll share my story but in a slightly different way than I’ve told it before. You’ll hear about everything from where I started and what my first side hustle was, to the 3 business models I’ve tried, what the one I ultimately chose is and why.

Tune in below:

Show Notes:

  • How things looked like back in 2014
  • My first taste of the self-employment life
  • Starting a new chapter
  • The challenges of being a service provider
  • The hard thing I had to admit to myself
  • What changed by 2019
  • The joys of being a full-time blogger
  • What was missing in this business
  • Why having digital products doesn’t mean you’re making sales
  • Mind-blowing facts about the digital product industry
  • Leaving money on the table to pursue something bigger
  • What I accomplished in the online course industry